Floating Islands of Sky

Chengdu, 2021

DESCRIPTION Floating Islands of Sky -A Cluster of Artificial Islands and Pontoon Bridge In Between of Lake and Sky A special kind of st...

Atelier Alter Architects

BIT Sports Center in Beijing

Beijing, 2009

Located in Liangxiang, the satellite city of Beijing, the BIT Sports Center, along with the BIT Stadium, frame an entrance to the new BIT...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Swimming Hall of Dongguan Taiwanese…

Dongguan, 2009

The design challenges the conventional design for sport facilities-usually of long-span and large volume, competition oriented, and inten...


Family Box Beijing

Beijing, 2009

Keeping the whole family entertained, family box is something between an indoor playground and a kindergarten for children up to twelve y...


Family Box Shanghai

Shanghai, 2015

A vivid child-friendly facilitysequenced and organized from challenging chaotic spaces and irregular structure. Optimizing the use of col...


Family Box Qingdao

Qingdao, 2015

Smart volumes and smart spaces are filled with a variety of elements to engage children to play and learn.Scaled for children to climb, c...

Schaller Architekten Stadtplaner BDA

Tianjin Zhangjiawo New Town Residential…

Tianjin , 2007

Im Herzen der Siedlung liegt am Haupteingang des ersten Bauabschnittes das Clubgebäude der "Society Hill" Residence. Die k...

Zephyr Architects

Pool at Fragrant Hill

Beijing, 2011

This site is at the foot of Fragrant Hill. It is a swimming pool annex next to the main housing area.  The L-shaped form divides the...

gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

Universiade Sports Center

Shenzhen, 2011

Das Universiade Sportzentrum soll sowohl den funktionalen Anforderungen internationaler Sportveranstaltungen als auch der Organisation vo...

Scenic Architecture

Dashawan Beach Facilities at Liandao Island

Liandao Island, 2008

The site locates on the east seafront of Liandao island of Lianyungang, an emerging harbor city booming in the middle section of the coas...

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