SYN Architects

Beijing Jinhai Lake International Resort

Beijing, 2017

The Creek Park Hotel is located in Beijing’s Pinggu District, 15km away from the Jinhai Lake International Resort’s Area. It is a renovat...


Thousand Island Bath House

Qian Dao Hu, 2018

When viewed from hotel rooms above, the bath house of Hotel Karen appears as an organic accumulation of things that conjoins with the sur...


10 DESIGN | 9 Dragon Bay Mixed Use Development


The objective of the masterplan which lies on the southern edge of Weihai City is to create a new south city gateway and create a vibrant...


Naked Stables

Hangzhou, 2011

The resort, located 2.5 hours from Shanghai, has 120 rooms, two restaurants, a bar and a conference center. The interior design was done ...


Fushengyu Hotspring Resort

Mian Yang, 2015

This luxury hot spring resort is built around the hilltop of Luo Fu Shan, in Sichuan Province. The site is 300Mu or 21Ha, with 70.000 m2 ...


Shaoxing Guesthouse

Shaoxing, 2008

The renovation of a historic courtyard building next to the house and garden of the famous writer Lu Xun was perceived as a special chall...

Studio Georges Hung

Sanya Phoenix Island - Commercial-Leisure…


Situated on the resort themed island, Phoenix Island, the Leisure-Commercial -cultural centre is designed to be the main destination poin...

ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

Design of the Resort Villa on Qingren Island


The individuation villa area of the Qingren Island rejects popular style which could be found everywhere but calls for unique form for ea...

Garbarino Rusin Architects

Tourist Residential Complex - Masterplan


The project consists of the realization of a tourist residential complex on Sanya Bay that is in harmony with the natural environment.


Sanya Travel City

Sanya , 2010

Sanya Travel City has three ambitions: the first is to become the public face and heart of Haitang Bay’s luxury resorts; second is ...


Qingdao Resort

Qingdao, 2012

The Resort is a new destination within the High Tech Industrial Development Zone of Qingdao and comprises entertainment, food and beverag...


Large scale tourism development

Changbaishan, 2012

After two decades of infrastructural and urban development, China is now experiencing a fast build-up of tourism activities. In order to...

Zephyr Architects

Wuyuan Hotel and Resorts

Jiangxi, 2012

This site is located on a peninsula in Wuyuan – one of the most scenic country sides of China. Two outlooks are taken into consider...

Zephyr Architects

Jinsha Bay Country Club house

Jiangsu, 2010

The is a 5,000 sqm golf clubhouse located on the foot of Maoshan, a famous Taoist temple mountain in Southern China.  The design see...

Pu Miao

Reception Center, Minhang Ecological Garden

Shanghai, 2004

Context The 4,400-square-meter project is located within an urban park (the Ecological Garden) in a dense resident...

One Design Inc

Wulongtan Resort Hotel

Ningbo, 2006

Building Type: Resort Hotel Design/Completion: 2003/2006 Total Floor Area: 5,500sqm Building Address:...

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