Qinhuai bar & shops

Design Philosophy
The specific Chinese history and the actual urban situation create no identifiable and stable physical surrounding, to relay on by designing contemporary architecture. Nevertheless, without the tangible context, it not only makes the architects’ design difficult, but also leaves the new architecture without foundation. Therefore, how to seek a potential physical, spiritual or cultural environment beyond the material, becomes a sticking point for the architect “creating from nothing”.
Catching the tangible architecture in the invisible air is like pealing off in anthropology or fission and fusion in physiology, the key point is picking and choosing the right messages in the air, in order to finally get to a chemical transformation.
The collision between history and contemporary, between China and the rest of the world, even between today and the future will bounce off scene after scene of “Guan Gong – Qin Qiong’s fight (two historical generals from different dynasties)”, repositioning the time and the space after a radical chaos.

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