Table-Landscape: Plot B4, Vanke Design Commune, Liuxiandong, Shenzhen

Design Philosophy
NODE stands for Nansha Original DEsign (or NO DEsign) and was established in early 2004. It is an architectural practice based in Nansha, which grew out of a series of projects associated with the Fok Foundation of Hong Kong, presently consists of 10 architects and designers. Doreen Heng LIU is its principal architect. NODE is a small and high quality design firm in the Pearl River Delta region in China, and expects to extend its practice geographically outward.

Nansha is a uniquely situated at the land and water interface of Pearl River. It is a transit node between the east and west banks of the river; to the north is Guangzhou and to the south is Hong Kong. In contrast with rapid urban development in the rest of China, Nansha has taken a relatively slower approach toward urbanization. NODE argues for participation and inclusion of local interests as well as those from external sources, focuses on the basics of architecture in order to maintain a critical position under the pressure of tremendous speed, quantity and size. NODE’s work makes a departure from the essential issues of building – site, program, space, materials and construction– and ventures into complexities of urbanism, nature, landscape, tradition and culture. With such concerns, we as well consistently seek multi-discipline collaborations. Our work also covers a range of projects from small scale furniture and lighting features to large scale urban design and regional planning. We actively participate in academic forums, art exhibitions and installation designs locally and globally.

NODE here is understood as the point in which different vectors – possibilities, tendencies, and events – intersect. It is neither a point of departure or of arrival. It is not a fixed entity. It is determined by ever-changing fluxes and dynamics.

China is undergoing a great transitional period. The opportunities for architects are not only to design and build but also to contribute in the shaping of contemporary China. This is the ultimate challenge for NODE.

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