Hangzhou New CBD Foreshore Park

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The site encompasses an area of approximately 37 hectares along the foreshore of the Qiantang River to be used as a multi-function park as a key focus on visual and functional integration with adjacent developments/open space systems and a large portion of the site covers underground car parking and road infrastructure, thereby creating a large “green roof”. The Masterplan provided a more unified, legible open space framework that successfully integrated the many parts of the existing plan- adjacent developments, the central axis, adjacent parks & infrastructure as well as creating spaces for uses that would adapt to changing recreational and social needs over time.

The New CBD is the major landmark development for the future expansion of the city of Hangzhou. The CBD will house large office and retail complexes, residential buildings, hotels and major cultural points of interest such as the new convention centre and the main theatre. The New CBD, located along the edge of the Qianjiang River will have a both an orientation to the river while also linking to the old part of town the West Lake area which is the historic town centre.

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