Music School, Tainan National University of Art

ground floor plan
Wang Weijen Architecture
1-5 étages
Architecture Design Partner
EDS Group

Inspired by the graphical representation of Bela Bartok’s composition for strings percussion and Celeste, this design testing the new possibility of courtyard sequence along the landscape, as the notation of a music score, explores the relationship of space and music. By reinventing the local vernacular form as well as its tectonic and material potential, this design also responds and reinterpret the natural and cultural landscape of the region.

A series of L-shaped dormitory courtyard array along the contours of the slope, while the linear music practice rooms stretch outwards from which, spread out orderly into the prairie like music notes. A major axis of pedestrian bridges and walkway parallel to the contour lines therefore, cut perpendicularly through serious of courtyard and making new terraces and special rehearsal halls. This levelled pedestrian movement starts from the library plaza, extended northward and ends in a view platform facing the reservoir, connecting all the upper floors of four music courtyards, creating large view openings framing the adjacent rolling hills and mounts.

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