Nikon Shanghai Flagship

the ground floor layout is inspired by aperture and rotating spinner rings of a camera
Photo © Wen Studio
sophisticated display props in contrast to a rustic backdrop
Photo © Wen Studio
movable stands are installed on the curved track
Photo © Wen Studio
a modular display system staggering along the curved street window
Photo © Wen Studio
sunlight activates the natural atmosphere
Photo © Wen Studio
the uni-wheel booth is a precise instrument composed of various stainless steel parts, each with a specific function
Photo © Wen Studio
a circular translucent plinth on a rotatable ring
Photo © Wen Studio
sculptural furniture pieces in natural landscape bring a sense of harmony
Photo © Wen Studio
an assemble design of different surfaces playing with light
Photo © Wen Studio
a display area balancing futuristic features with warm tone and textures
Photo © Wen Studio
Photo © Wen Studio
a light environment letting metallic and black-coloured merchandises stand out
Photo © Wen Studio
reflective stainless steel contrasting rough rammed earth
Photo © Wen Studio
original goods area
Photo © Wen Studio
cross-type focus point inspired peg board
Photo © Wen Studio
workshop mode
Photo © Wen Studio
a tranquil moment with the sun
Photo © Wen Studio
leather poufs and wooden stools can be stored snugly under the banquette
Photo © Wen Studio
reading and work areas suitable for solitude
Photo © Wen Studio
group discussion mode
Photo © Wen Studio
dark perforated walls accentuate the industrial feel
Photo © Wen Studio
the "Shanghai" lighting art installation is made with Nikkor optic lenses
Photo © Wen Studio
the metal balustrade finished with solid wood handrail for a softer human touch
Photo © Wen Studio
night view
Photo © Wen Studio
main entrance
Photo © Wen Studio
the stainless steel display with pebbles background offers a preview of the experience inside
Photo © Wen Studio
1F plan
2F plan
3F plan
the original site
No. 372 Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District, 200020 Shanghai
Christina Luk, Dong Wu, Angel Wang, Munyee Ng, Edoardo Nieri
General Contractor
Shanghai Jinwei Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Display Furniture, Loose Furniture, VI
Jiangsu Zhansen fixture&furniture Co., Ltd.

The Stacked Expedition - Nikon Shanghai Flagship

Founded in 1917, Nikon has been a trademark associated with professional imaging equipment for over a century. Its cameras have enabled humanity to reach all corners of the world, even in space. Yet, since the beginning of 2000s, the shift from film to digital photos, and the trend of more portable cameras have dramatically changed the industry. In 2020, with the new concept “Empower to Create”, the brand introduced its revolutionized products to the young users of the Chinese market, and engaged LUKSTUDIO to create its store identity.

The store is located at the corner of a Shikumen building on Huaihai Road, a trendy neighborhood where young people gather. Conventional camera shops are designed often either as a cultural gallery or a technological laboratory, both could be intimidating to the common shoppers. LUKSTUDIO aims to create an inviting environment where one could dream about the next outdoor adventure.

The overall retail experience has been tailored to introduce the brand, the products and the community on three separate levels, each a quadrant in plan. Given the different spatial requirements, three different scenes have been created, each with its own design attributes. The common connection is the rammed earth background mimicking Danxia landform, a natural landscape that changes colours on each levels.

Aperture – Rotation to focus

The first floor is designed as a brand gallery. The combination of rammed earth backdrop and stainless-steel display parts takes inspiration from the experience of shooting in the wild, where exquisite equipment juxtaposes rustic landscape.

The perforated stainless-steel ceiling progresses like an aperture with many optic rings. Power tracks are integrated between rings to supply electricity for the uni-wheel stainless-steel display booths, which can then relocate freely in space while provide a touch-screen tablet for each camera on display. Together with the surrounding display grid, a flexible and diverse gallery system is in place.

Lenses – Changing angles, Infinite possibilities

The second floor is the touch and try area where most products are on display, visitors are encouraged to pick up a camera and try shooting with it. The dramatic ceiling is filled with mirrored stainless steel strips, extending the space upwards while adding a futurist touch. At the center of the showroom stand 4 circular booths whose reeded texture are inspired by camera lens.

Product categories differentiated through modular display system and outlined by light in wooden frame. Staggered display for camera products, while a peg board system enables flexible arrangement for seasonal products, demonstrating the infinite possibilities of creativity. The display board is fixed by removable cross brushed stainless steel parts.

Under the Stars – A Field for the Explorer

The top floor is an event area for users to meet and learn from each other. The original space feels claustrophobic as it comes with heavy beams and pipes. To create a space that is mind-opening, LUKSTUDIO dissolves the visual obstacles in a pitch blackness and hangs numerous lights in the void, recalling the memory of camping under a starry sky.

The explorer’s wisdom of adaptation is reflected here in flexible furniture design which allows the space to transform from a classroom to a photographic studio.

Paying tribute to the brand’s manufacturing past, the stairwell linking the three immersive sets is designed with an industrial material palette. Lined with rhythmic vertical frames and rustic perforated metal panels, the neutral “darkroom” is a buffer maximizing visitors’experience going from floor to floor. At the stair entrance, a wall feature is composed of 629 optic lenses where Chinese characters of Shanghai is written in light, marking this first of many experimental stores in China.

As our world is getting more virtual and our yearn for physical experience is greater than ever, designing a physical store for a camera brand is a process of questioning the essence of creativity, that roots in our love for nature. Through stacking an expedition in an urban context, Lukstudio aims to remind urbanites to explore outside and share their experiences with one another.

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