Sungang Central Plaza

Urbanus Architecture & Design

The original planning and design of Sungang Central Plaza by another office includes a two-story underground parking of 10,000 square meters, a sunken plaza, and a green belt along the south side of the plaza. Soon after construction, the client decided to relinquish the original design and had URBANUS redesign the above-ground space while keeping the underground construction moving forward.

Urbanus found that the sunken plaza in the original design was too isolated to connect to the urban activities in its vicinity, and thus intended to activate the plaza and transform it into a lively place full of urban energy.

Inspired by the natural texture of the earth, the whole surface of the site is covered with one coherent skin of undulating strips, which resembles the water tides flowing up and down. While shedding the existing underground parking lot, this skin of free form also helps to connect two adjacent lots interrupted by traffic. The linear paving pattern also suggests a strong sense of dynamic urban activities. Along with the flow of the strips, oasis of flower islands are randomly arranged to create pleasant and intimate urban enclaves against the chaotic surrounding urban environment.

Project Name: Sungang Central Plaza

Location: Shenzhen

Client: Shenzhen Luohu Government Construction Office

Architect: URBANUS Architecture & Design, Inc

Project Designer: Meng, Yan

Project Team: Zhu, Jialin; Xing, Guo ; Ding, Yu; Liu, Chunhai; Wu, Kaimao; Li, Jin; Liu, Zirong

 Structure and Material: concrete, glass, steel, brick

Size: 9.500 sqm

Design Period: 2005-2006

Construction: 2007

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