Atelier Right Hub

Mymory Boutique Hotel

Hangzhou, 2019

MYMORY boutique hotel in a rural old house is located in the foothill of Tianmu mountain scenic spot in Taihuyuan, Lin’an, Hangzhou. Surr...

Enea landscape architecture

The Bulgari Hotel Beijing

Beijing, 2017

Dieser beispiellose Komplex am Liang Ma River besteht aus zwei modernen Bürotürmen, einem Außenamphitheater, einem exklusiven Bulgari Hot...

KI Studio

Wangjiang Park

Hangzhou, 2009

The site encompasses an area of approximately 4 hectares along the foreshore of the Qiantang River. Key challenge of the project included...

Atelier DYJG

The Poetry of Black, White and Gray——Bamboo…

Xiamen, Fujian , 2007

Location: Almond Bay, Xiamen, Fujian Client: Xiamen Landscape Architecture Bureau Area: 1500m2 Design: 2006-2007

Atelier DYJG

The Seasonal Cycle——Four Boxes Garden

Xian, Shanxi Province, 2011

Location: Xian, Shanxi Province Client: Xian Chanba District Administration Committee Area: 1000 m2 Design: 2010-201...

Amateur Architecture Studio

Ningbo Tengtou Pavillion

Shanghai, 2010


7 Colours Park

Qujing, 2007

Covering an area of approximately 375 hectares, the Yunnan International Agrifood technopark is a revolutionary experimental farm that ai...


Sinan Lu

Shanghai, 2010

Sinan Lu is one of the biggest restoration projects ever undertaken ever in Shanghai. The five hectare site comprises a mix of residentia...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Surging Waves Pavilion

Suzhou, 1959

The garden was first appeared in Song Dynasty (1127-1279). There is a small pond inside, which is not at all normal in the so called &quo...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Botanical Garden

Shanghai, 1960

The place was known as Longhua nursery garden in Shanghai, before it was reconstructed as the official Botanical garden of Shanghai. The ...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Lotusroot Garden

Suzhou, 1962

The garden was constructed in Qing Dynasty (1640-1911). The most famous feature is the giant Huangshan (Mountain at south of China) rocke...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Huanxiu Mountain Villa

Suzhou, 1965

The garden was first appeared in Song Dynasty (1127-1279). There is a small pond inside, which is not at all normal in the so called &quo...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Diaoyutai State House

Beijing, 1981

Diaoyutai(Fishing Terrace) Statehouse is situated at Sanhe Road in Haidian District of Beijing. In Jin Dynasty(1279 BCE), there has alrea...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Otani Changfu Palace

Beijing, 1982

The project located inside a high quality hotel near Changan street in Beijing. The use of  Chinese landscape garden and rockery is ...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Novo Nordisk

Beijing, 1997

Novo Nordisk is a Dutch company producing insulin medicine. The headquarter is situated in Beijing. The waterfall and rockery of the inte...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Lotus Pond Park

Beijing, 2000

The Lotus Pond is an old and famous place of interest in Beijing. It has been established since Jin dynasty (1127-1279), meanwhile it was...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Siyuan Bridge

Beijing, 2003

The project located at the necessary passage Airport express highway. With the range of Siyuan Bridge greens, the immensely open environm...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Shanshui Wenyuan

Beijing, 2005

This is a top grade high quality Real Estate project nearby the core of CBD in Beijing. Accompanied by the stressful rhythm of contempora...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Olympic Forestry Park

Beijing, 2008

For the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, we have been commissioned to take charge of the design and construction for the main scenic spot n...

TM Studio

A Promenade House– A Compacted Garden

Suzhou, 2008

Time: 2005–2008 Size: 1400 m2 model Material: Concrete, red bricks Model: plastic cardboard A P...


Guangzhou New TV Tower Square and Underground…

Guangzhou, 2007

The design concept was ‘ a piece of floating white cloud beside the Pearl River.’ The design highlights the features of the t...

Atelier Z+

Sino-French Centre

Tongji-University, Shanghai, 2006

Sino-French Centre of Tongji-University is located at the south-east corner of the campus, with 12.9 Building, the oldest existing buildi...

Jiakun Architects

Guangzhou Times Rose Garden

Guangzhou, 2005

Guangzhou Times Rose Garden, landscape and culture space design in Residential Community, Guangzhou Site: Guangzhou...

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