Adarc International Studio Ltd

Heyue Pedestrian bridge

Foshan, 2015

In recent China, the rapid development accelerates the competition among cities and thus causes the continuous extension of highway netwo...

Prol Lighting

Beijing CR Land Instreet

Beijing, 2020

Exploring the hidden value of light series People sit together while chatting and laughing, enjoying a slow and relaxing lifestyle. When...

Parallect Design

木屋小镇:岛屿 · 丛林 · 小木屋,九江


木屋小镇位于江西九江西南部庐山西海的一座岛屿上,由上海平介建筑设计事务所设 计。这片水域的前身是江西五大水系之一的修河。20 世纪 50 至 70 年代,号称亚洲第一 大坝的西海拦河大坝于此修建,也形成了湖区独特的岛屿形式:如成簇成团的丛林漂浮于 水面之上。而我们希望呈现在...


Floating Islands of Sky

Chengdu, 2021

DESCRIPTION Floating Islands of Sky -A Cluster of Artificial Islands and Pontoon Bridge In Between of Lake and Sky A special kind of st...

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