Xuefeng Leng

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1963, Born in Beijing, China

1987, He studied the traditional methodology of Chinese Rockery and Landscape art making with Mr. Liangshun Han, the former designer of Rockery Han practice.

1998, He established Beijing Rockery Han Landscape Architects Co. Ltd. as a registered enterprise in China.

Mr. Xuefeng Leng has a unique insight towards Chinese traditional landscape design and

construction. He owns expertise in Rockery Art theory, towards which he based his understanding on a scientific system. There are several starting points where one can approach and understand the Rockery Art, for example, the psychological level, the ethnical point of view, as well as the mathematical precision, etc. The aesthetics of Rockery Stacking craftsmanship can also be appreciated from multiple angles based on our university subjects.

Until 2011, we have proudly finished more than 120 landscape design and construction projects. Among those projects, there are many significant national developments, such as the Olympic Forestry Park in 2008 in Beijing, the National Theatre by Paul Andrew in Beijing, Zhongnanhai where the Central Government situated, and Bank of China in Beijing by I.M.Pei.