M House

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This is a weekend house sitting on a hillside with flourishing plants. The peach forest under the hill and the urban area further way can be seen overlooked from the site. The plan didn’t adopt the usual layout with living room on first floor and bedrooms on second floor. Instead, the guestroom and storage are arranged on first floor, and therefore a living space with height change and very open view is formed above on second floor. The master’s bedroom is suspended from the ceiling overlooking the interior space and the whole valley. The vague space without specific function placed between the large window on south side and the rooms can be used in various ways and provide a very loose and casual atmosphere of daily life. The villa adopts a mixed system of light wooden structure and traditional structure. The large window on the south side bring in more sunlight in winter, while the exteiror shading and operable windows cool the interior space in summer.

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