Dancing Book Towers

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The Dancing Books Tower are situated in a densely populated downtown area near Hongshan Plaza of the historic district of Wuchang, with Yangtze River about two Kilometers to the south, Dong Hu Lake 1.5 km to the north, and the well known Huang-He Lou Watch Tower about 5 km to the west.

The project is comprised of two160-meter skyscrapers and twelve exclusively high-end courtyard houses at the foot of the towers. Of the two skyscrapers, one is a one unit per floor apartment, with a typical floor about 400 square meters each; and the other one, with each floor measures about 600 square meters, is a six unit per floor luxury service apartment-hotel. Due to their small floor plans and unusual height, the towers look exceptionally slim and elegant in their proportion.

Each floor of the two towers are slightly shifted, generating a sense of free horizontal movement while soaring into the sky, a status that makes people wonder how this could be reality. The “dancing of the plans” creates ever-changing combination of gestures, passing out an enchanting atmosphere to the urbanscapes of Wuhan City.

Official Project Name

“The Peak” Towers

Nick Name

“The Dancing Books” Tower

Project Location


Site Area

13800 sqm

Total Area

43000 sqm

Chief Designer

Zhang Ke

Zhang Hong

Hou Zhenghua

Design Team

Zhao Yang

Sun Wei

Wan Wenli

Wang Feng

Yu Chunshui

Huang Di

Structural Consultant

China Academy of Building Research, Beijing

Local Design Institution

Central-South Architectural Design Institute, Wuhan

Design Date


Construction Time


Structural System

Concrete & Steel double-tube structure

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