Qingcheng Mountain Stone Courtyard

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The “Stone Courtyard” Tea House is located close to Daguan Town at the foot of the Qingcheng Mountain near Chengdu. With total area of 500 square meters, the tea house is actually comprised of five separate courtyard buildings stand very close to each other. The first building is an empty front courtyard; the last building functions as living courtyards; and the other three buildings function as tea courtyards.

Local craftsmen were involved in the design and construction of the wooden roof structure. Looking from interior the wooden roof would have been completely traditional if the columns near the patio were not carefully removed.

The stone wall is built exclusively of a type of local slate, which will be cover by green moose in a few years after exposed in the rainy and humid weather of Chnegdu.

Total Area

480 sqm


Sichuan Jinlian Corporation

Chief Designer

Zhang Ke

Zhang Hong


Wang Andong

Liu Yabo

Wang Tong

Design Team

Hao Zengrui

Carla Maria Freitas Gonçalves

Liu Xinjie

Yang Xinrong

Zhang Zhengfan


Chen Su

Design Date


Construction Time


Structural System

Concrete Frame Mixed with Local Slate Masonry

Wood Structure for Roof

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