INSIDE OF é é é Symbiosis of flagship factory and retail

Founded by Red Hu and Jin Xin in 2015, and based in Shanghai & London. Greater Dog is an avant-garde design studio whose practice spans the fields of Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Installation Art and Performance Architecture Research. Rooted in experimental and humanity spirit, we write architecture and space design in a way of story-telling. Meanwhile, by employing performance and installation as the media, we are trying to mix the boundary between commercial design and art language as well as build up dialogue between people and space.

Greater Dog completed large architecture and planning projects in china: BRLOOTE Headquarters, BAISIHAN P&D Research Centre, etc. And also completed more hotel design projects, retail design and office design projects: LITIAN hotel (four star), Progenius Park, Music House Bar, LEDING Bespoke, V SPOT sex toy shop, CCIG Office Design, US Yimei - Shanghai Office Design, etc.

Meanwhile, Greater Dog and Shanghai Fashion Week have reached a long-term cooperation and completed show space designs and performances for London fashion brand — EDI. Z and HEMU in recent years. Greater Dog invited by the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus in Dessau and did a series of performances in Germany. Experimental design work 「No Parking」 were exhibited in The Bartlett School of architecture, UCL; and also be invited to run academic workshops and professional lectures in China Academy of arts, New York University Shanghai and Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, etc.

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