WuliEpoch Culture Center

Founded in 2009, Atelier Alter is a pioneering inter-disciplinary practice based in New York and Beijing. Noted for deriving design from critical analysis of the site, Atelier Alter has been recognized by numerous awards, including IDOL Gold Prize 2014, 2013 Awards by Lighting Design Weekly, 2010 Excellence in Architecture Design of FuJian, etc. Atelier Alter focuses intensely upon culture facilities ever since the beginning of the practice. Atelier Alter won the competitions to build Qujing Culture Center in 2009, by transferring the metaphysical context of the site into an artistic yet tangible urban space of historic remembrance. The Senior Culture Center won by Atelier Alter in 2010 and completed in 2014, exploded the typological transformation of bamboo bungalow into public facility. The project has been published and featured by press of different parts of the world, including A+A, Russian Design Hub, I’Arca International, Cooper Publishing, HKPIP, il Nuovo Cantiere, Landscape Design, Archdaily, Designboom, among others.Besides culture projects, the portfolio of Atelier Alter ranges from small scale furniture design, to residential, commercial and educational facilities, up to large scale urban design, infrastructure and landscape planning. Whether it is architecture, landscape or urban project, the works of Atelier Alter strive for manifesting ideas that speak about humanity, ideas offering critic rather than imitation.

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