The Transformed Stormwater Park: Qunli National…

Haerbin City, 2011

1 Project Statement Contemporary cities are not resilient when faced with inundations of surface water. Landscape architecture can play ...


Hangzhou Civic Center and Civic Park

Hangzhou, 2012

Das idyllisch gelegene und von Wasser umgebene Gebiet am Huangguuo Shan wird als zukünftiger Standort des „Lotus Civic Center und Civic P...


Namchabawa Contemplation

Linzhi Area, 2008

The 7782 meter high Mount Namchabawa, a 1300 year old mulberry tree, its canopy about 40 meters wide, a few huge rocks off the road to th...


Jiefang Park

Wuhan, 2006

Jiefang Park is one of the largest and most important parks in the city of Wuhan. When we first visited Jiefang Park, we found that it ha...



Shanghai, 2007

© Vincent Asselin


7 Colours Park

Qujing, 2007

Covering an area of approximately 375 hectares, the Yunnan International Agrifood technopark is a revolutionary experimental farm that ai...


Sun Island Rehabilitation

Harbin, 2006

Sun Island is a major tourist destination for Chinese and Russian tourists alike. WAA’s mandate included the contemporary rehabilit...


Yanan Zhong Lu Park

Shanghai, 2011

Yanan Zhon Lu Park consists of 23 hectares of green space located in the heart of Shanghai. The design of the park makes reference to the...


Xujiahui Park

Shanghai, 2002

Located in the heart of the European concession of the city, this park of more than 70,000 square metres is part of a major urban renewal...


Fuxing Park Rehabilitation

Shanghai, 2008

Located in downtown Shanghai, Fuxing Park was designed by the French in 1907. In honor of the park’s 100th anniversary, WAA was com...

HPP Architekten GmbH

EXPO Village

Shanghai, 2010

Das Expo Village entstand anlässlich der Weltausstellung in Schanghai auf einem 44 Hektar umfassenden Planungsgebiet in Nordosten des Bez...

Steven Holl Architects

Horizontal Skyscraper

Shenzhen, 2009

Hovering over a tropical garden, this ‘horizontal skyscraper’ – as long as the Empire State Building is tall - unites i...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Surging Waves Pavilion

Suzhou, 1959

The garden was first appeared in Song Dynasty (1127-1279). There is a small pond inside, which is not at all normal in the so called &quo...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Botanical Garden

Shanghai, 1960

The place was known as Longhua nursery garden in Shanghai, before it was reconstructed as the official Botanical garden of Shanghai. The ...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Lotusroot Garden

Suzhou, 1962

The garden was constructed in Qing Dynasty (1640-1911). The most famous feature is the giant Huangshan (Mountain at south of China) rocke...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Huanxiu Mountain Villa

Suzhou, 1965

The garden was first appeared in Song Dynasty (1127-1279). There is a small pond inside, which is not at all normal in the so called &quo...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Diaoyutai State House

Beijing, 1981

Diaoyutai(Fishing Terrace) Statehouse is situated at Sanhe Road in Haidian District of Beijing. In Jin Dynasty(1279 BCE), there has alrea...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Lotus Pond Park

Beijing, 2000

The Lotus Pond is an old and famous place of interest in Beijing. It has been established since Jin dynasty (1127-1279), meanwhile it was...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Siyuan Bridge

Beijing, 2003

The project located at the necessary passage Airport express highway. With the range of Siyuan Bridge greens, the immensely open environm...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Shanshui Wenyuan

Beijing, 2005

This is a top grade high quality Real Estate project nearby the core of CBD in Beijing. Accompanied by the stressful rhythm of contempora...

Rockery Han Landscape Architects

Olympic Forestry Park

Beijing, 2008

For the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, we have been commissioned to take charge of the design and construction for the main scenic spot n...

DnA Design and Architecture

JinHua Architecture Park

JinHua, 2004

Public toilet is indeed a private space. This simple form creates a dialogue with the natural surroundings while minimizing the land-use ...

HHF Architects


Jinhua, 2006

The "Jinhua Architecture Park" is an important part of the urban redevelopment of the city's new Jinhua district. The park landscape is d...


Guangzhou New TV Tower Square and Underground…

Guangzhou, 2007

The design concept was ‘ a piece of floating white cloud beside the Pearl River.’ The design highlights the features of the t...


National Relics Park of Tang DaMing Gong Site

Xi' an, 2010

IAPA participated in the single project design of the Park as well. The most dramatic one in the central axis is the Time’s Palace, the a...

Atelier Z+

Sino-French Centre

Tongji-University, Shanghai, 2006

Sino-French Centre of Tongji-University is located at the south-east corner of the campus, with 12.9 Building, the oldest existing buildi...

Jiakun Architects

Xiyuan Leisure Camp

Xipu, Chengdu, 1996

Xiyuan Leisure Camp Site: Xipu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China Clients: Chengdu Gongmao Corp. Designer: Jiak...

Jiakun Architects

Guangzhou Times Rose Garden

Guangzhou, 2005

Guangzhou Times Rose Garden, landscape and culture space design in Residential Community, Guangzhou Site: Guangzhou...


Information column, Olympics park


Instead of the usual urban lighting system, for the two and half kilometre long Olympic Park Area, along the urban south-north axis, the ...

Plasma Studio

International Horticultural Expo

Xi'An, 2011

The World Horticultural Expo has become instigator and hub for the redevelopment of a large area between the airport and the centre of Xi...

FAKE Design

Yiwu South Riverbank

Jinhua, 2002

The landscape design of the riverbank started from February 2002, and lasted for one and half years. By early 2004, the construction work...

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