Tenth Garden: Huayan Road No.7

Tianqiao, 2023

Public space in hutong This project is located in the historical and cultural district of the new urban area of Xiangchang in Beijing. Th...

Iwan Baan Photography

Zaishui Art Museum

Rizhao, 2023

Zaishui Art Museum, Rizhao, China – junya ishigami + associates

Approach Architecture Studio

Hyundai Motor Studio

Beijing, 2017

Approach Architecture Studio, in collaboration with the American design firm 2X4, has completed the design of the Beijing Hyundai Motor C...

Approach Architecture Studio

Maogong Barn Art Center

Qiandongnan Region, 2015

The Maogong Barn Art Center is located in the Qiandongnan region of China, and the building is constructed using traditional building mat...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

China Merchants Group History Museum

Shenzhen, 2023

In the late 1970s, Shenzhen became a Special Economic Zone. China Merchants Group (Hongkong) was commissioned to establish the Shekou Ind...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

OCAT Shenzhen Hall B10

Shenzhen, 2022

Founded in 2005, as a famous avant-garde art institution in China, OCAT has a long-term mission to the practice and research in the field...


Tianmei Theater

Hangzhou, 2021

Internal Scenery: Transformation of the Front Hall of Tianmei Theater

West-line Studio

Guizhou South-Western Monority Ethnic Cultural…

South-West of Guizhou Province, 2016

Guizhou South-Western Monority Ethnic Cultural Center is located in the center of Xingyi City, a capital city of south-western Guizhou, C...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Yanjiao Campus Library of Central Academy of…

Beijing, 2021

Reconstruction of Yanjiao Campus Library of Central Academy of Fine Arts Space production stimulates knowledge and art production Recons...

Lemanarc SA

Meteorology Satellite Centre of Beijing

Beijing, 2007

Further information to be added shortly.

Atelier Heimat

"Zone out Space"——Aranya Theatre Festival…

Qinhuangdao, 2021

"Migratory Birds 300", an important sector of Aranya Theatre Festival, requires a temporary building to exhibit images and installation...


Glow Like That

Hong Kong, 2019

“Glow Like That” is the first contemporary art exhibition held by K11 Art Foundation on the 21st floor of Victoria Dockside, an office to...


Seeds of Time

Shanghai, 2016

SHANGHAI PROJECT CHAPTER 2 “SEEDS OF TIME” FIELD, SEQUENCE AND ROOMS The Shanghai Project is an ever evolving entity, with the launch...

Vermilion Zhou Design

Song Art Museum

Beijing, 2017

The original architecture of Victorian style with Western-style gardens, like a woman with excessive makeup, is out of fashion. The owner...

West-line Studio

Shui Cultural Center

Guizhou Province, 2017

Located in Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, Shui Cultural Center is the land of the Shui. The Shui Nationality is one of ...


Shenzhen Natural History Museum

Shenzhen, 2020

3XN, B+H and Zhubo Design selected to design the new Shenzhen Natural History Museum Consortium awarded first place in an international ...

Powerhouse Company

Loop of Wisdom

Chengdu, 2020

Living up to the suggestiveness of its name, the Loop of Wisdom embodies a timeless architectural concept. Powerhouse Company’s design fo...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum

Jingdezhen, 2020

Located in the center of the historical area, the site of the Museum is adjacent to the Imperial Kiln ruins surrounding many ancient kiln...


Dodo Art Museum

Beijing, 2017

Dodo Art Museum is located in the northeast part of Beijing Xiedao Resort, it occupies the former site of an idle factory building of uns...


Jilin Museum of Classic Art

Changchun, 2018

Through the deduction of arch modules and the application of visual tension principle, the design of the Jilin Museum of Classic Art, as ...


The Forbbiden City Red-Wall Teahouse

Beijing, 2014

The Red-wall Teahouse is situated inside a public park which used to be the Ancestral Temple – a royal memorial temple for ancestors sout...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Xihe Cereals and Oils Museum and Villagers’…

Xinyang, 2014

The site is situated in Xihe Village, an unincorporated village in the mountain area that is 30km from the county town of Xin County, a N...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Xihe Cereals and Oils Museum

Xinyang, 2019

Interior Space Design & Renewal for Xihe Cereals and Oils Museum A New Departure to Continue Cooperation In April 2019, five yea...


Jiu Ke Shu Future Arts Center

Shanghai, 2020

Das in einem Wald gelegene Jiu Ke Shu (chinesisch für Neun Bäume) Future Art Center nahe Shanghai, sieht sich als Ort der Kunst, des Thea...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Limestone Gallery

Anlong, 2017

Here is Anlong county in Southwest Guizhou province, where is the start point of Via ferrata in Anlong Limestone Resort. The destination ...

OPEN Architecture

Tank Shanghai

Shanghai, 2019

Along the banks of Shanghai's Huangpu River, five decommissioned aviation fuel tanks once stood abandoned on an empty industrial site. To...

Archi-Union Architects


上海, 2015

Fab-Union Space这个项目,是为了给这个城市增添一个令人印象深刻的建筑空间而设计建造的。虽然它是小规模的,但是Fab-Union的空间是强大到足以代表一个新的态度的价值体系结构的转变。位于徐汇滨江西岸文化艺术区的Fab-Union Space,被定义为城市未来建...

Archi-Union Architects

池社 Chi She

Shanghai 上海, 2016



Shenzhen Art Museum New Venue & Shenzhen Second…

Shenzhen, 2023

Das Shenzhen Art Museum and Library ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil für die Entwicklung des Stadtviertels Longhua der 12-Millionen-Metro...


Zhi Art Museum

Shenzhen, 2018

Zhi Art Museum is situated in Building 2 of Quanzhi Technology Innovation Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen. Interlinking different public s...

Praxis d'Architecture


Beijing, 2016

Existing Condition Ying Galley’s new location is inside a yard surrounded by two story buildings. Between the yard wall and the building...

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

Jishou Art Museum

Jishou, 2019

A Social Cause The city of Jishou, where the Jishou Art Museum is located, is the regional capital of Xiangxi (western Hunan), a minorit...


两塘书院 暨金石博物馆

韶关, 2017

莞韶城位于韶关老城区的西南侧,以低冲击开发理念,保育原有的水库、鱼塘、山林、溪流、湿地等自然生态元素,建立韶关创新驱动平台。两塘书院是莞韶城“双塘印雪”文化景观重要组成部分。 项目位于广东省韶关市西郊天子岭山脚下。项目用地坐拥一片带状水域,背...

Zhang Hua Architecture

Yu Qingcheng Gallery

Tianjin, 2016

Yu Qingcheng is a world famous original clay sculpture artist who is renowned in China and oversea, the unique style strike out a new lin...

Jadric Architektur

Hangzhou Asian Games


Vision and Key Elements of the Project The revival of waterfront: waterfront area became centers of intense redevelopment activity. Acti...





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