Vermilion Zhou Design

CANOONE Studio & Big Shot Office


Chen Man, known as an international visual artist and fashion photographer, has a strong oriental sense on her works, which express inter...

beyondtime architects

Nanliang Workshop

Beijing, 2019

As the wealth of the whole village, that nature rock is the feature of the village and also of this project. We will fully use it, and pr...

NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)

NODE Shenzhen Office

Shenzhen, 2010

Project Description Building Area: 216sqm Design Period: 2010 Category: Interior Design The architectural logic of NODE Nansha office ...

Atelier Deshaus

Atelier Deshaus Westbund

Shanghai, 2015

The office of Atelier Deshaus is located in the former site of Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Works, among a group of small pitch roof w...


Silo-top Studio

Guangzhou, 2013

In 2012, O-office transformed the top floor of a 1960s’ silo building in the oldest beer factory of Guangzhou, the central city of ...

Jiakun Architects

He Duoling Studio

Xipu, Chengdu, 1996

He Duoling Studio Site: Xipu, Chengdu, Sichuan Client: HE Duoling Designer: LIU Jiakun (co-worker: QI...

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