Bodyconcept Pilates Studio

Foto © Yunpu Cai
Foto © Yunpu Cai
Foto © Yunpu Cai
Foto © Yunpu Cai
Foto © Yunpu Cai
Foto © Yunpu Cai
Foto © Yunpu Cai
Foto © Yunpu Cai
Foto © Yunpu Cai
Foto © Yunpu Cai
Vermilion Zhou Design
虹梅路3211号泰豪大厦5楼, Minhang

Pilates is an exercise focused on muscle control, which emphasizes concentration, core, breathing, and precision. In our first "BodyConcept Pilates Studio" space, we used consistent and orderly layers in our design, to quickly bring members to "concentration" mode. In this new "BodyConcept Pilates Studio" space, we improved the original interior and let in ample natural light, to expand the transparent and breathing space.

At the entrance, we lead members to the reception area through a large 1/4 rounded corner, just like how Da Vinci presents the golden ratio of the human anatomy between the rectangle and circle in "Uomo Vitruvian". This gives the first impression that the body is prepared to be stretched, then a large number of curved wood veneers in the space brings a warm and safe sensation.

Pilates training is about precise control over the body, and to do so the body needs to be free of any burden. Professional Pilates attire helps trainees become aware of the little muscles being trained. At the space, we simplify the circulation so members can intuitively move between the resting, changing, and showering areas. Our intent is to turn the space as natural as a layer of skin of the body.

The second stage to switch the mood is in the training area, where bright natural light comes from the large windows. Light filtering through the rolling curtain, with the reflection of the large-scale mirror, and touch on the wooden finishes, give the entire training area a gentle and relaxing feel.

The training area is flexible by using partition and curtain, providing a sense of privacy when needed, and also give the space an airy feel

The training machines are the centerpiece in the training area, and through members’ tireless practices on these machines, working toward the precision and rhythm of Pilates, the machines and members together achieve the purpose of mind and body balance and health.

In this restless modern life, to have a healthy & balanced body and mind is what we long for and pursue. Through various exercises and a self-disciplined lifestyle, the ultimate goal is to achieve control and understanding of the body, then inner freedom and peace can coexist.

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