Humen Vanke Meisha School

NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)

Project description

Building Area: 27437 sqm
Design Period: 2017.05—2017.09
Category: Cultural & Educational

Humen Meisha School, located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, is a 36-class primary school under Vanke Meisha education system. It adopts Meisha education characteristic curriculum and advocates open and compound education space. The project was initially located and started in March 2016. It has undergone three redlines and indicators adjustments. The project has also made attempt in different directions. The final draft project design was completed in August 2017 and started construction at the end of the year. After nine months of construction period, it was completed and partially put into use in September 2018.

The project is located in typical Lingnan area. Combining with the local characteristics, the design initially introduces the classical Lingnan gray space as the prototype, sets up abundant overhead areas, adopts open and transparent space interface, and provides large number of public activities and game spaces while shading the sunshine and introducing fresh air.

The integration and superposition of public space system is the response of this scheme to the characteristics of school buildings. On the basis of different functional zones, the corridors of public nature are used to connect different areas, and at the same time, the corridors are extended in their own scales, horizontal and vertical directions, thus forming abundant spatial variations. In this way, a variety of public space systems are constructed by using vertical transportation in series with different levels of public areas, including the first floor overhead, second and third floor ramp corridors, roof activity areas, etc.

With regard to color, considering the characteristics of the south weather, the school as a whole uses light gray as the main tone, and combines the stairs with color changes to enhance the lively atmosphere of the campus, creating lively campus environment.

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