Jinsha Bay Country Club house

Zephyr Architects

The is a 5,000 sqm golf clubhouse located on the foot of Maoshan, a famous Taoist temple mountain in Southern China.  The design seeks to make the building fade into the scenic site while also bringing the nature into the clubhouse.  Simply put, this design is concerned with light, shadow and air and its relation to the Taoist mountain.  The interactions of these elements are revealed primarily through two visual mediums - the building’s structure and the bamboo landscaping.  Both mediums enhance and mediate the relationship of the construction with the perception of light and shadow, the coming and going of the wind, as well as that of man with his natural surroundings.

Status: Completed

Client: Jinsha Bay Co.

Building Area: 5,000 sq.m.

Partner-in-Charge: Yang Ching-Chyi

Project Team: Yang Ching-Chyi, Chang Kaisheng, Yu Tong

Design Period: 2007-2008

Construction Period: 2007-2010

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