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“Traces are invisible. They perceive the flow of time through objects.” - Greater Dog

The designer, Jin Xin and Red Hu who founded Greater Dog Architects, was invited to visit the suit production studio and see the process of hand-making suit before they started LEDING Bespoke space design project. It was fascinated to see different fabrics, plate-making, tailoring, even old sewing machines and ironing tools.

Therefore, designers brought primitive tools and machines back to space as the beginning of narrative. It is also hoped that people can not only see all goods, but reading the traces left in the production process.


As time goes by, suits are gradually shaped from a piece of fabric. It seems that it is no longer just a beautiful cloth, Instead, it handed over the ingenuity of "Meticulous treatment of the threads on your hands" to its owner.

The display installation “Time Flow" expresses this wonderful regard. It is flowing, but also standstill; It rises and falls like a hill with clear angle; It is a set of 10cm*10cm cubes that growing around the stairway entrance, to fit the free combination on different size of tools, machines, products and suit mannequin display.


A proper suit needs to be based on details of the body measurement and carefully control by fashion designer. We marked the each part of the male body and the required measurement, then present it into illustration, which is printed into 2:1 scale on the deep blue glass facade of the entrance. Consequently, there is an interesting dialogue somewhere between male body illustration and the “Time Flow” display installation.

The function of space is to arrange the circulation around the "Time Flow", setting up a space for sewing and tailoring, so that consumers can see the process of suit making more intuitively.

The combination of body measurement area, seating area and fitting area, and the consideration of wall display, which is designed as an fabric catalogue cabinet by 45cm*45cm size, and also combined with colorful shirt and accessories display on the wall.

The long terrazzo table in VIP lounge is connecting the space from inside to outside, which emphases the geometric structure language of the whole space. The 1:1 scale of half-body mannequin at the end of long table, the hidden plaster portrait in the cubes that scale down into 1:100, and the 2:1 scale of body measurement illustration, the different proportion and similarity of the three human body formed dramatic tension in space subtly.

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