Toy as Architecture: Part 2 | Fairyland Playscape

Hong Kong
Visualizzazione © Groundwork Architects + Associates Limited
Visualizzazione © Groundwork Architects + Associates Limited
Foto © Fiona Bao
Foto © Fiona Bao
Foto © Fiona Bao
Foto © Fiona Bao
Foto © Fiona Bao
Foto © Fiona Bao
John Chan, Hebe Lee, Krystal Lung, Jonathan Lau, Howard Au, Clarissa Chau, Tiffany Chin, Zhina Zuo, CY Lau, Manfred Yuen

Inspired by the “Journey to the West”(西遊記), a Chinese classic literature about the adventure of the legendary character Monkey King. We have decided to bring “Yushan” (玉山) - the Jade Mountain, the ethereal palace from Chinese mythologies - into our world, so that we may become monkeys, again.

We were commissioned by K11 because they learned that we have conducted an 18 months studies on existing Hong Kong Playgrounds for the Hong Kong Government. K11 has a long tradition of working with "up and coming" local and international artists and they felt that our research might have a great potential to be translated into a playable art piece.

Social and humanistic values formed the core of our studio, thus, we felt obligated to be doing more for the next generation.

1. This is a piece of art and architecture; the entire space constitute the “toy”.
2. It is an abstract art that wish to inspire. The participants are also part of the art work.
3. This space is about taking risks, because challenges can be fun.
4. The structure more bouncy and difficult than you think, please be careful!
5. For the best play experience, go bare foot (no socks).. You may store your shoes in the shoe racks.
6. Please enjoy and take a lots of pictures!

Most visitors would tell us that they loved how the space gelled with the music composed by Eugene Leung as well as the lighting; the lighting effect , which was quite important for the experience and the aesthetics of the "toy”.

The more we were engaged with children, the more that we have realized how architecture should allow children to explore the world. Toys are exploratory apparatus for children, they are very important for kids' development, thus can architecture be more exploratory?

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