Fumin Primary School

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He Ping District, Taichung
1-5 Piani
Architecture Design Partner
J.C. Yang Architect & Associates

This design re-evaluates the meaning of daily-life objects: fishpond, sand pit, slide, pavilion, particularly every tree of large and small that remains in the campus after the earthquake. By sketching the possible location of the new building and consciously avoided touching all the trees. The building line therefore, moves and wiggles among the trees, connecting elements and making spaces with their daily-trace, activating the potential of activities created by architecture and trees. The design tried to have the building to be not taller than the trees and to move among them, making it an integral part of the setting. The building form gradually transformed into an organic linear building mass anchoring to the open field and trees. Rather than following spatial ideology or geometry, it allowed the building form to follow our senses—sight, sound and touch, sunrise and sunset, wind and light. As the building wiggles through the woods and dance with the trees, even the facade windows and roof shape start to move and follow the rhythm of the children, music, mountain and trees.

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