Huda Restaurant Main Store in Beijing

Strategy First, Design Follows

Formulating an appropriate business strategy is an important strategy for an enterprise to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage in its own industry, and a clear strategy and strategy-first space design is an effective way for a brand to win every stage of the market and brand battle. In business strategy management, we divide the brand into three different stages: the entrepreneurial period, the growth period, and the mature period. There are corresponding strategies for the three different stages.

Business strategy is like the overall battle of brand development, and each stage of brand growth can be seen as a battle, and the presentation of every space is a battle. Only on the premise that the overall strategy is correct, each battle will have a more detailed and clear operational policy, and this set of strategies and policies will help the brand to clarify the goal in every war, that is, in every space design China has clear design guidelines in accordance with its business strategy, so as to win every war and win every stage of market competition, and ultimately help the brand gain lasting vitality and stand firm in the fierce market competition.


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