Ban Xue Gang Art Center

ビジュアリゼーション © Plasma Studio
ビジュアリゼーション © Plasma Studio
図面 © Plasma Studio
ビジュアリゼーション © Plasma Studio
ビジュアリゼーション © Plasma Studio
図面 © Plasma Studio
図面 © Plasma Studio
図面 © Plasma Studio
図面 © Plasma Studio
Plasma Studio
Bantian Sub-district Office, Longgang District, Shenzhen,Longgang District Urban Management Bureau, Shenzhen
Competition, Second Stage selected
Design Team
Oliver Aude, Eva Castro, Rossella Corica, Ulla Hell, Holger Kehne, Qiyuan Liu, Sung-Ching Lo, Giulia Mariotti, Pilar Menendez Martin, Sprite Mau, Dongyang Mi, Filippo Ogliani, Pingshan Qu, Chuan Wang, Ting Xu, Bo Zhao Landscape: Harshdeep Arora, Kai Gao,

The vitality of the cities derives from the participation of people, while the enthusiasm of people is highly related to the openness and the ecological environment of the public spaces. A first-class art centre should not only be a space for people to appreciate art, but also be a place where people can get close to nature, experiencing the urban life.

The concept started with the combination of human and nature. Taking the Golden Mountain Park, which is the most important local natural element into consideration. The new configuration has been shaped starting from a parametric analysis of the site, including water runoff, view, traffic and land use of the surrounding area. The aim of the design strategy is to foster the integration of this area into the surrounding with a vibrant, ecological, commercial program on the ground level and a highly social and cultural program on the top, so as to create a new model of the art centre.


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