First Nations Garden

Montreal, Canada
ランドスケープ アーキテクト

Although small in size (2 hectares), this garden embraces the philosophies, values and approaches to life of First Nations peoples across the province of Quebec and denotes the depth of the eleven different cultures represented. The park was planned over several years with the active participation of First Nations’ members. This garden was received with enthusiasm by the public because it contributes to the understanding of our natural environment as well as the cultures of the First Nations.

Nestled in the heart of the Botanical Gardens, the elements of the site (plants, pavilions, paths, etc) are organized in a way which recalls the nomadic habits of the First Nations and expresses a feeling of continuous movement. Traditional life and survival were based on the migration from summer to winter camps, and from the forest to the lake or river. This is reflected in the design and layout of the garden.


2004; National and Regional Honor Award from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects CSLA)

© Vincent Asselin


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