Kansa-Tai Residential Tower

Brooks + Scarpa Architects

The 122 meter (430 foot) tall, 582-unit, 32 story concrete tower is located in the central business district of Shenzhen. Drawing inspiration from the peony flower, a traditional floral symbol for China, this scheme’s pair of irregular and organic housing towers appear to bloom from their surroundings. As its pleated form twists and angles into shape, these towers create the impression not of a static object but instead an organic one that is alive and moving. The building is reduced down to elements of columns and windows, of solid and void, mass and space. The pleated form of the twin towers allows for maximum daylight and views into the residences while the matt finished stainless façade panels will give the building a tectonic and physical presence. 该方案的灵感来自牡丹花,牡丹花是中国传统的花卉象征,它的褶裥形式扭曲形成独特的姿态。该方案尝试创造类似的非静态物体的印象,形成一个有机的,活的和变化的形态


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