Lansdowne Park Competition

Ottawa, Canada
ランドスケープ アーキテクト

WAA participated in a competition to redesign Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. Our concept envisioned the park as a contemporary space that looks to the future without forgetting its past.

Aberdeen Pavilion is the focal point of the site and its proportions are used as the source of park plan units. “All roads lead to [Aberdeen]”.

The Ribbon is the main thread that ties Lansdowne to Ottawa South as well as the site elements to one another. It is also used as a tool to exhibit Aberdeen, the Canal, the wetland and the stadium. It begins its life as a pedestrian bridge and terminates at Bank street, after weaving through the Aberdeen pavilion. Following the Ribbon, a visitors experience Lansdowne Park from afar as well as within. 

Visualizations: WAA


  • Dreifachturnhalle Gipf Oberfrick
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Wellness Bogn Sedrun
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Lifestyle Finland
    Lien Tran Interior Design
  • The Wellness Loft
    Lien Tran Interior Design
  • イソップ 新宿店
    二俣公一/ケース・リアル, 二俣スタジオ


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