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People who start to pick out goods when they enter a sex toy shop space, normally they are embarrassed and too shy to tell. If people just meet a familiar person after she/he finish special shopping journey, the embarrassment shows on red face, as if the whole body has frozen immediately.

In the 《Histoire de la sexualité》, Michel Foucault mentioned that sexuality wasn't a inhibited topic as well as boudoir secret until the Victorian era. However,sexuality suddenly became a taboo subject in Victorian times. Traditional gender studies believe that this is a kind of repression of sex, which can only sexual liberation be achieved by breaking this repression.

Not so, says Michel Foucault. Although sexuality has become a taboo topic, we are actually talking more and more about it. We disciplined it and regarded it as a secret, but its existence was strengthened in this way .

The appearance of the inherent image of sexuality makes people draw a clear line of "sex", and therefore people can not cross it easily.

However, the great Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, who has been in the midst of love, marriage, lovers, and the creation of nude paintings, once said,“Sex and Art are the same thing” - Pablo Picasso

Therefore, we try to dispel the embarrassment sexuality topic by artistic space language, and bring it into a part of daily life.

We cast the words of Pablo Picasso to the shadow of body,
Peel the Andy Warhol's pop banana, ????
Let the O 'keeffe's painting stand in the red corridor quietly.

Imagine that V Spot is like the gallery space with different art pieces. It is a place where people touched and delight, as well as a place where all true feelings are contained.

Sex and love, nudity and people's lust. 
Here, naturally and frankly.

The aisle at the end of red wine bar
The door to the restroom
Printing and dyeing the O 'keeffe's -《 Inside Red Canna》
Push it

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