The Forbbiden City Red-Wall Teahouse

unarchitecte, as an innovative combination of young architects, was founded in Beijing by the practical who won several domestic and international design awards. What we admire is innovative research and real, impeccable construction, what we oppose is vulgar plagiarism and imitation in any form. Whatever we are facing, latest or ancient, we treat it all with openness and respect. Paying attention to urban changes, landscape consequences and spatial feeling, we, at the same time, focus on original, precise and unpretentious design. We study the essential and significant elements of any item or environment, integrally balancing considerations and explorations from all angles, so as to unveil the path towards new material, new function, new way, new form and new experience. We spare no effort to broaden the boundaries of design, to provide the client with rational, professional and tasteful services, and furthermore, to create reflecting and inspiring works for the whole society.


  • 建築家