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写真 © Yunpu Cai
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写真 © Yunpu Cai
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写真 © Yunpu Cai

Luneng Grasse Vila


The accumulation of life forms into Culture. According to progress of science and technology, exchanges between the East and the West are becoming freer and faster.While learning from logical thinking from the West, we live a life with Eastern philosophy in the meantime. Though we define Grasse as a contemporary Chinese mansion, its building is actually an interpretation of Western logic. Due to the development of technology, it provides more choices of craftsmanship and material, composing to the architectual status of Grasse.
The traditional Chinese mansions are well described from Dream of the Red Chamber. As Granny Liu stepped into Grand View Gardens, she was so stunned and amazed by what she saw.
However, when it mentions to architectural or interior design in oriental world, people pay more attention to the conception of architecture, space and living utensils instead of the visual expression. “Ballad”, “Court Hymn”, and “Eulogy”, from The Book of Odes and Hymns, conveys the genre of Chinese poetry, revealing status of ancient life. We take them as a fundamental concept, combining with “Essence”,“Energy”, and “Spirit”, the representative manners of the Chinese, bringing you the multilevel Grasse.
" Hymn×Essence "- the pursuit of elegance and exquisite life is fastidious to the wealth. Some enjoy the appreciation of tea, fragrance, and blossom; while some are fond of wine,music, and cigars. Though there are cultural differences between the pursuits above, they are both fully graceful. As a matter of fact, diversities are well merged into one building and reveal the contemporary lifestyle.
" Ballad×Energy " - Chinese people believe in Feng Shui,which is the wisdom from ancestor and the natural adaptation. We take advantage to open up the space, ensuring that every corner can be exposed to daylight. While progressive technology enhances the natural force, sunlight, recyclable air, and water bring the rhythm through the space.
" Eulogy×Spirit "- Only when physiological needs are satisfied, you would then have the mental pursuit. Art and culture are certained outcome of the high-level experiences. Luxury doesn't pile up with those expensive, but spiritual abundance.
To revive Chinese exquisite tradition and blend with Western aristocratic experiences, pieces from tableware to furniture are selected by Chinese or Western-style royal brands. This is a reflection of the diversity and the exchange with different cultures. Each object is built according to the habits of reality use. Speaking to the art, it's the most thrilling and brilliant part. With antique and contemporary works, we collocates them together in harmony but not conflicting. Instead of a figment of imagination, all the furnishings are there for purpose. It's an era epitome for a big family.

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