China Art Academy, new campus of Xiangshan School

Photo © Lu Wenyu
Photo © Lu Wenyu
Photo © Lu Wenyu
Amateur Architecture Studio

The design for this campus is considered as a start of a reform. The choice of themes is directed by traditional construction culture and its continuation: Garden making, construction, differentiation, material recycling and reuse. The Chinese character of “ ªÿ” [enclose] is the theme of the series, which forms the layout of “ ”™“ [create, compose, shape, form, construct]. In fact, the simple “court” of traditional China can be made to accommodate nearly all functions. What is attempted here is a “court”-based free typology, related to both, the tradition and more importantly, the gigantic space and functional requirement of this building. In the character of “ ªÿ” building and nature occupy half of the space. As the sloping, twisting, and turning occurs on the site, the building twists and transforms accordingly, thus addresses uniformity and variation at the same time. The inevitable bulk of the buildings are purposefully lowered, horizontal sunscreen slope emphasizes the horizontal extension of the corresponding mountain range. The base of the handicraft-school is made with stone by a local method, traditionally used in the local tea field construction. This is a symbolic gesture representing the rooting of the school in the surrounding. An important aspect of the design is the “free” concept. This “free” concept is not just about its architectural forms, but its sensitive response to the nature. The structures are usually similar or identical to each other, but its variations are created by the relationship with the site. The basic architectural types are sensible to fast and large scale constructions. At the same time, changes in design are frequent and spontaneous during construction process. This provides a platform from where architects and artists will participate in the process to “build”. A large collection of over two millions pieces of tiles of different ages and sizes, salvaged from the traditional houses demolished all over the province of Zhejiang, will cover the roofs of the campus architecture. In sharp contrast to the fast and mass construction concept of today, the concept seeks to embody another philosophy.

Project location: Zhuantang Town, Hangzhou City, China

Site Area: 200 mu [one mu = 666,66 sqm]

Project size: 67.000 sqm

composed of ten buildings, including a library, a gallery, a small stadium, a workshop tower, six academic and workshop buildings, two traditional style bridges cross the river, two hillside art studio.

Architect: WANG Shu, LU Wenyu

Firm: Ye-Yu Architectural Design Studio/CAA

Firm in Cooperation: CCA/Landscape Design Company

Design Period: 3/2002 – 3/2003

Construction Period: 5/2003 – 12/2004

Structure type: Reinforced concrete frame + steel frame

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