Stepped Courtyards

Changle, Fuzhou
Photo © Jin Boan
Photo © Chen Cheng
Photo © Jin Boan
Photo © Jin Boan
Photo © Chen Cheng
Photo © Jin Boan
Photo © Jin Boan
Photo © Jin Boan
OPEN Architecture
Changle, Fuzhou

This project is the staff dormitory for Net Dragon Company’s new campus by the sea shore. The main idea is to create a collective living commune with inward-facing and semi-autonomous forms that foster a strong sense of community. 3 square-shaped buildings with large central courtyards are arranged on the site at different angles. 


By stepping down in different ways according to wind and views, 3 buildings each have a series of carefully landscaped open terraces shared by the residents. This also opens up the otherwise enclosed central courtyards to the surrounding nature. 

Communal living and social interactions are of particular significance to these employees who are otherwise immersed in creating the virtual fantasy world every day. More importantly, staffs in different positions are living together equally, sharing the same resources and public spaces, which reflects and stimulates positive changes to the culture of the company.


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