The Tanner Hill

North Point
Ronald Lu & Partners

The Tanner Hill, a housing development for the elderly, was designed to address Hong Kong’s urgent demand for senior care facilities. It is not simply a residential development where elderly people live; but also a place that provides a comprehensive range of health care and amenity facilities to encourage social life and healthy lifestyle to its ageing residents, both physically and psychologically specially at their early old age.

“Ageing-in-place” is the design concept of The Tanner Hill which is a sustainable, quality living initiative that aims to provide senior citizens with a relaxed ambience, a range of professional healthcare and skilled care services, thoughtful home and lifestyle amenities, and a wide variety of social activities which effectively enhance both their health-being and well-being, allowing them to spend their golden years in a hassle-free environment.

Extra common areas and bridges between buildings encourage relationship building between neighbours. Special areas for continuing and skilled care services are provided to those who need extra attention. These include a daycare centre with rehabilitation facilities and a residential care home with a combination of Western and Chinese health and wellness services.

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