Organic renewal of Tianqiao tenement courtyards

tianqiao, 2023

Urban context The Tianqiao Bungalow Zone is located in Beijing’s historical city preservation district, and is adjacent to the central ax...


Kaohsiung Social Housing

Kaohsiung , 2023

In a groundbreaking initiative, Mecanoo, introduces a innovative social housing project in Kaohsiung, marking a significant milestone as ...


Baiziwan Social Housing

Beijing, 2021

Baiziwan Social Housing (later referred to as Baiziwan) is the first affordable housing project by MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong. Sit...



唐旺镇,东乡族自治县, 2020

项目目标:共同生活的新邻里 该项目位于甘肃省东乡族自治县唐汪镇马巷村。这里被誉为丝绸古道河湟口,陇上杏花第一村。大接杏是这里的特产,因此每年的杏花节,这个小村落都会云集来自各地的旅游者。同时马巷村是一个位于汉藏交汇地区的多民族、多宗教混居的自然村。村子里既有东乡族的穆斯林礼...

Iwan Baan Photography

Vernacular China

vernacular dwellings

Photographs of vernacular dwellings in China

Atelier Right Hub

The Patio House

Ningbo, 2020

Atelier Right Hub recently completed a 350 square-meter private residence in a high-end villa community in Ningbo. The client’s mandate w...

Atelier Right Hub

Mymory Boutique Hotel

Hangzhou, 2019

MYMORY boutique hotel in a rural old house is located in the foothill of Tianmu mountain scenic spot in Taihuyuan, Lin’an, Hangzhou. Surr...


Futura One

Taipeh, 2014

Das PHILIPP MAINZER OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN wurde mit dem Entwurf eines 12-stöckigen Premium-Wohngebäudes im Zentrum von Taip...

Wang Weijen Architecture

New Choi Yuen Village Eco-House Design

Choi Yuen Village, 2011

The design of Choi Yuan Village is a community re-habitation project in the New Territory of Hong Kong. Started as a protest against vill...

People's Architecture Office

River Heights Residences

Taiyuan, 2016

In a context of emptiness, 10,000 people are housed in 600,000sqm of residential development. The River Heights Residences, approaching t...

Atelier 100s+1

Studio and Family House


This building base features: an area of nearly 200 acres, 50 meters long from east to west, 25 meters long from south to north. The base ...

Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

Yancheng Vertical Forest

Yancheng, 2016

Nachhaltiger Komfort, komplexe Formen durch Fertigteile und ein Haus, das man vor lauter Bäumen nicht sieht. Yancheng liegt ca. 300 km n...


Caochang Hutong Courtyard Houses, Renovation…

Beijing, 2016

Two courtyards upgraded in a program led by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD)to improve the living quality of everyday lif...

OPEN Architecture

Stepped Courtyards

Changle, Fuzhou, 2014

This project is the staff dormitory for Net Dragon Company’s new campus by the sea shore. The main idea is to create a collective living ...

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

Hualien Residences

Hualien, 2015

Hualien is a rapidly developing city located in the middle portion of Taiwan’s East coast. TLDC, a prominent land developer based i...


Fairyland Guorui

Beijing, 2015

The Fairyland Guorui Villa complex is located in the Miyun Economic & Technical Development Zone 1 in Beijing. The site is situated o...

Schaller Architekten Stadtplaner BDA

Tianjin Zhangjiawo New Town Residential…

Tianjin, 2007

Abweichend von der in China gängigen Praxis der Verdichtung durch eine hohe Geschossigkeit, stützt sich unser Konzept auf eine ...

Schaller Architekten Stadtplaner BDA

Tianjin Zhangjiawo New Town Residential…

Tianjin, 2008

Der zweite Abschnitt steht in Kontinuität zum vorhergegangenen Abschnitt des Society Hill Projektes. Das städtebauliche Konzept...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

Maillen Hotel & Appartment

Shenzhen, 2011

Located at the base of a hillside in Shekou, Shenzhen, the total area of the site is roughly 13,200 square meters, with 25,100 square met...


Mark community

Huizhou City, 2011

Amateur Architecture Studio

Five Scattered Houses

Ningbo, 2006


Sinan Lu

Shanghai, 2010

Sinan Lu is one of the biggest restoration projects ever undertaken ever in Shanghai. The five hectare site comprises a mix of residentia...

HPP Architekten GmbH

EXPO Village

Shanghai, 2010

Das Expo Village entstand anlässlich der Weltausstellung in Schanghai auf einem 44 Hektar umfassenden Planungsgebiet in Nordosten des Bez...

W2 Architects

Riverside Courtyard


The planning and design of the courtyard appropriately corresponds to its name, and fluently combines traditional architectural styles of...

3pass Architekten Stadtplaner Part mbB

Green Town Sky Project Wuhan

Wuhan, 2008

Im neuen Stadtviertel Wuhan Green Town, Hongshan District bildet die Boulevardbebauung den südlichen Abschluss des Quartiers. An markante...


DADA’s Grassland—240,000 square meters artistic…

Huizhou, 2011

DADA's Grassland is IAPA’s first residential project that the total construction area is over 200.000 square meters.


Beijing Image

Beijing, 2005

Beijing Image Residential This residential housing project, located at the corner of the forth ring road and Fucheng Road ...

INCLS (One Design)

Shanghai LDV Building

Shanghai, 2006

Building Type: Office/Residence Complex Design/Completion: 2004/2006 Total Floor Area: 20,000sqm Coll...



Gaobeidian Beijing, 2007

A SOHO housing proposal for the development of an art gallery district at an suburb of Beijing. We proposed a collection of rectangular b...

Karl Johaentges Photographer



aus: Mythos Shanghai

SAKO Architects


Beijing, 2008

Accumulation Incline / Shift – An integrated project with 4 residences as well as a commercial building. The whole project is rotated 45 ...

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

UFIDA Software R+ D Center


UFIDA, 2004 UF Soft R&D Center consists of three inter-connected buildings. Two courtyards arise in between the buildings...


Xiangshan town houses

Beijing, 2004

The brief of this 75.000 sqm residential project in the north-western suburbs of Beijing is just to build “town houses”, in a...


Chaowai Men

Beijing, 2006

Chaowai Men This building is located in downtown Beijing's Central Business District. The urban environment around the site i...

Amateur Architecture Studio

Vertical Courtyard Apartments

Hangzhou, 2006

This group of buildings is located at the entrance of the city from the airport. There are six nearly one hundred meter high buildings, f...

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