Floating Islands of Sky

Chengdu, 2021

DESCRIPTION Floating Islands of Sky -A Cluster of Artificial Islands and Pontoon Bridge In Between of Lake and Sky A special kind of st...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Minsheng Ferry Station

Shanghai, 2019

The Minsheng Ferry Station is located at the end of Minsheng Rd, north to the Huangpu River and west to the Xinhua greenspace. The site c...


Wharf Ecological Tourism Floor Area at Delta of…

Dongying, 2010

The gesture of architectural intervention to nature is the core discourse of design. The architecture seeks to avoid destroying the natur...

Original Design Studio

M2 Tourist Terminal at Bai Lianjing

Shanghai, 2018

M2 Tourist Terminal is located near the former site of Expo 2010, Shanghai.It faces the Huangpu River to the north, Mu Zhongshanshui Gard...

Platform for Architecture + Research

Kinmen Port Terminal

Kinmen, 2014

The Kinmen Port Terminal undertakes a transformation from an industrial traffic junction to becoming a regional gateway and travel center...

Platform for Architecture + Research

Keelung Harbor

Keelung, 2012

Keelung is a gateway that through its history, climate, and the customs of its inhabitants, is predestined to make use of its exterior sp...

Asymptote Architecture

Kaohsiung Marine Gateway


The new Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal designed by Asymptote is a new state of the art transportation interchange, an urban destinatio...


Yaluntzangpu River Terminal

Linzhi, 2008

The small boat terminal is located near the small village named Pai Town in the Linzhi area of Tibet Autonomous Region. As the remotest s...

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