Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Hong'ai Hospital

Xiamen, 2018

The interior space of the building is reserved for more than 100 meticulous service furniture designs. Not only are the four sides of the...

Shanghai Oriental Hosptial

Shanghai, 2018

The penetration of garden elements in all parts of the building is an inherent requirement for creating a gardening space. In this projec...

Nanjing Public Medical Center

Nanjing, 2016

According to the mountain, the gathering is clear, the partition is clear, and the pollution is clear. Efficient and independent, backbon...

Construction of a cycle of orientation in fully

Fully, Suíça, 2015

Although the two buildings were built in an offset manner, they are still limited. By giving a visual impression of the complete separati...

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Nanjing, 2012

Three levels of gardens let green permeate every corner of the hospital, from six large courtyards to more than 2013 light Wells, and the...

Xiamen Nanyang College

Xiamen, 2010