HKSAR Government Headquarters

Hong Kong
Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd
Hong Kong

The central theme of “Door Always Open” is a driving philosophy for the design of the HKSAR Government Headquarters. The Project is conceived as an arena of diverse public spaces for citizens of all backgrounds in age, believes, religions, political views, genders as well as orientations. It is a place accessible and accommodating to all. At the heart of the project, the Tamar Park, is an Urban Green Carpet manifesting the concept of universal design. Since the completion of the project in 2011, various public spaces have been used as forums and stages for an exhilarating mix of activities ranging from family fun events, large scale gatherings, celebrations to political rallies and demonstrations. The design has received affirmative feedbacks in the global architecture and urban design communities.

2014, Urban Land Institute's Global Awards for Excellence
2014, Short-listed, International Union of Architects’ Award for “Friendly Spaces Accessible to All”
2014, HKIA Merit Award of Hong Kong Community Building
2014, Silver Award - International Design Award
2013, ArchSD Annual Award
2012, Silver Award, HKSAR Development Bureau Skyrise Greenery Awards
2008, Winner, Design and Build Competition

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