The patio house – the home of women’s fashion owner

the photography space in the basement for women's fashion
Photo © WU Ang
the stairs into basement
© WU Ang
Photo © WU Ang
living room
Photo © WU Ang
view from vestibule to staircase
Photo © WU Ang
view from living room to dining
Photo © WU Ang
view from dining to living room
Photo © WU Ang
dining room
Photo © WU Ang
dining room
Photo © WU Ang
staircase leading to 2nd floor
Photo © WU Ang
staircase leading to 2nd floor
Photo © WU Ang
Photo © WU Ang
master bedroom
Photo © WU Ang
master bathroom
Photo © WU Ang
walk-in closet
Photo © WU Ang
Photo © WU Ang
view from the lightwell to terrace
Photo © WU Ang
Photo © WU Ang
Diagram of A Lightwell Inside The House
Drawing © Atelier Right Hub
Axon Exploded
Drawing © Atelier Right Hub
1F Plan
Drawing © Atelier Right Hub
2F Plan
Drawing © Atelier Right Hub
B1 Plan
Drawing © Atelier Right Hub
100K - 1M
1-5 Stories
DAI Wenwen
GONG Jian (Principal Architects), LIU Meng (Principal Architects), ZHANG Jie (Architectural Designer), LING Huihong (Interior Designer), CHEN Qian (FF&E Designer)
Adler International Design
MEP Consultant
Ningbo Fuhui Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Lighting Consultant
Yaank Lighting Design
FF&E Consultant
Photograph Team
Right Hub Culture
WU Ang
Custom Furniture
Atelier Right Hub
Interior Furniture
DEMA, Bontempi, Driade, Magis
Interior Fixtures & Fittings
Other Products
Moorgen, Bosch, Bang&Olufsen, Moloney Fireplace, Hermes Wallpaper, X+Q Art, Ugan Concept, Italian Armored Door

Atelier Right Hub recently completed a 350 square-meter private residence in a high-end villa community in Ningbo. The client’s mandate was simple: “Give me three bedrooms, the remaining space is kept transparent, and this project that will challenge the conventional notion of what a house should be.” Rising up to this challenge, the architects initiated the project by questioning the fundamentals of the “house” typology itself, asking themselves: How can we free up the plan and make it feel light? What is the relationship between the communal and private? When and how should privacy be maintained, if at all? What are the essential and non-essential program components that make a “home”? What is domesticity?

Instead of adding more space, the architects took an opposite approach- cutting a square opening from basement to roof between the main floors in the middle of the west side. The 1:1 aspect ratio reminds one of the typical light shaft in those southern traditional houses. Enclosed with transparent glass, Sunlight shed into the interior space at the center with a gentle touch. With the move of sunlight, the glass box glows from bright to dim; The light shaft formed the inner concentricity of the house.

The height of the shaft vertically synthesizes the four floors, and the depth of it redistributes the forms of space horizontally. By implanting such a light shaft, allows the celebration of air and light and also interweaves the split floors, enriches the spatial experience of domesticity.

The architects employed the material in the interior with restraint. The use of black wooden plank as the “wall” split the first floor into two compartments on the axis from north to south. The black wooden planks were transfigured into cabinets and doors, and the lead spread on the first floor vestibule. By opening invisible doors along the black wooden plank wall, the different functional rooms were presented. The palette of black and white gives the home a tranquil tone.

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