The Second phase of the Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University

Lemanarc SA

The Second phase of the Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University is a modern U-shaped building that naturally expresses this identity.

The entire second phase of the hospital is made up of standard modules, just like a child's play. Various needs in the operation can be realized by combining and changing these modules. The modular design also allows for controlled procurement and construction.

The main orientation of the building is set to the southwest, thus guaranteeing daylight to all wards, while the beautiful roof garden is bathed in sunlight during the crisp morning hours in Shenzhen and at sunset.

The top of the ward building on the south side is designed to be stepped down inward to maximize the sunlight into the inner courtyard area, while the research, teaching and dormitory buildings on the north side are designed to be set back to the south side to receive sunlight more effectively, depending on the needs of different floors. At the same time, the high bay provides a beautiful and private garden for the building.

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