Ferrier Marchetti Studio

The French International School of Beijing

Beijing, 2016

The French School of Beijing, designed by Jacques Ferrier Architecture, has been imagined as a built landscape. It is being developed on ...


Swiss Green Tower


The Swiss Green Tower is conceived as a mixed-use, sustainable technology hub – bringing together companies in construction, energy...

Stücheli Architekten

Taichung City Cultural Center

Taichung, 2013

Das neue Kulturzentrum für Taichung im Westen von Taiwan vereint die Bibliothek und das Kunstmuseum in einem präzis gesetzten q...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]

Kinmen Passenger Ferry Terminal


The ancient village of China and Taiwan has a new planning paradigm. The new waterfront site (designed by AECOM, working with JihYuehChen...

Studio Georges Hung

Sanya Phoenix Island - Commercial-Leisure…


Situated on the resort themed island, Phoenix Island, the Leisure-Commercial -cultural centre is designed to be the main destination poin...

Studio Georges Hung

Great Wall Technology Headquarters Tower


1+1=1 Cities are, by definition and nature, spaces of permanent changes. Its mutating physiognomy reveals its intentions a...

Rural Urban Framework

Mulan Primary School

Huaiji County, 2012

The Mulan Primary school is located close to Huaiji, a town of approximately 100,000 in Guangdong Province. Working with the local educat...

WAI Architecture Think Tank

Institute of Optimistic Architectures


In the form of a monolithic cube, the Institute of Optimistic Architectures encloses a network of dynamic spaces of a laboratory for arch...


Jiading Science and Cultural Exhibition Center

Shanghai, 2011

This project is in collaboration with standardarchitecture. The project locates in the Jiading New City, one of the most developed ...

SKEW Collaborative

Jia Little Exhibition Center

Songjiang District, Shanghai, 2011

Jia Little Exhibition Center integrates the display and production spaces of creative industries into a single mixed-use building complex...

SKEW Collaborative

Artifact: Partitions: You-Prison - Reflections…

Foundazione Sandretto re Rebaudengo, Torino, 2008

This installation was the culmination of an eight-month research on the relevance of manufacturing in China and its impact to the world a...

SKEW Collaborative

Artifact: Curtain Walls

Shenzhen & Hong Kong, 2009

Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government Building This curtain wall research ...

Amateur Architecture Studio

China Art Academy, new campus of Xiangshan…

Xiangshan, 2007


7 Colours Park

Qujing, 2007

Covering an area of approximately 375 hectares, the Yunnan International Agrifood technopark is a revolutionary experimental farm that ai...

W2 Architects

Nanyou Elementary School and High School


The façade of the elementary school uses red coloured concrete, whereas the high school uses black.

Chang Bene Design

Hong Kong Schools

Hong Kong, 2002

The design of the schools creates a playful but dignified atmosphere for learning. Merit Award for Interiors, American Institute of Archi...

Schneider + Sendelbach

BMW Training Center Shanghai

Shanghai, 2009

Das BMW Training Center Shanghai, das größte seiner Art in Asien, wird am 11.05.09 offiziell eröffnet. In der Industriezo...


Conceptual Design - Nanhai Kindergarten


Through the dancing “rainbow”, the development is divided into several organic spaces, which can be seen freely from the firs...

Amateur Architecture Studio

Library of Wenzheng College at the Suzhou…

Suzhou, 2000

In designing the library, my purpose was to make people aware that they live between mountains and water, which is the garden style of Su...

Atelier Z+

Sino-French Centre

Tongji-University, Shanghai, 2006

Sino-French Centre of Tongji-University is located at the south-east corner of the campus, with 12.9 Building, the oldest existing buildi...

Vector Architects

County Elementary School, Xiqing District

Tianjin, 2010

Our goal is to establish a unique place within the school that encourages interaction between the students and teachers through their dai...

Atelier Z+

Building C – College of Architecture and Urban…

Tongji-University, Shanghai, 2004

As an extension to the main building of College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) Building C is programmed for research and gradu...

Amateur Architecture Studio

China Art Academy, new campus of Xiangshan…

Hangzhou, 2004

The design for this campus is considered as a start of a reform. The choice of themes is directed by traditional construction culture and...

Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop

Tianjin Library

Tianjin, 2012


Guangdong Science Center

Guangzhou, 2003

The scheme for the project inspired by two rolling water drops, the building captures the elements of mystery, unpredictability and dynam...

GL Studio

Shenzhen University Science and Technology…


The Shenzhen University Science and Technology Building is located at the border that divides the new area and the old central area in th...

GL Studio

College of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Shenzhen, 2003

The college building accommodates the departments of architecture, planning and civil engineering, as well as an architectural desi...

GL Studio

Library of Dongguan Institute of Technology

Dongguan, 2004

The new campus of the Dongguan Institute of Technology at Songshan Lake comprises 12 building projects, the design of which is undertaken...


Zhongguancun Book Building

Beijing, 2003

A large bookshop with the total floor area of 8.800 sqm is located in an academic area of Beijing. The large shop space is characte...

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