Adarc International Studio Ltd

Heyue Pedestrian bridge

Foshan, 2015

In recent China, the rapid development accelerates the competition among cities and thus causes the continuous extension of highway netwo...

The Architectural Design & Research Institute

Glass Bridge in Huangchuan Three Gorges Scenic…

Lianzhou, 2020

Bridge is a kind of structure built based on the terrain, and also a sort of art that symbolizes connection and communication. Located in...

Jadric Architektur

Hangzhou Bridges


The first purpose of everybridgeis to span physical obstacles without being an obstacle in itself, blockingpassage over a body of water o...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Pudong Yangjing Bridge

Shanghai, 2017

Huihong Bridge is located at Yangjing Harbor. It is a bridge using a triangularshaped truss structure. It links up with Yangjing green sp...

Atelier Deshaus

Footbridge on Rihui River

Shanghai, 2012-2016

Rihui River Footbridge spans 70m of the width of one branch of Huangpu River, lacing the public space of Xuhui District and Huangpu Distr...

KI Studio

Hangzhou New CBD Bridge Competition

Hangzhou, 2012

KI Studio won a Chinese bridge competition for a road bridge across a canal for the New Hangzhou CBD district. We also received two third...

Rural Urban Framework

Lingzidi Bridge

Shangzhou, 2012

The design of the bridge involves a singular loop linking two levels of the riverbank and an additional arm connecting across the river. ...

10 Design

Shizimen Gateway Bridge (The Infinity Loop)

Zhuhai, 2012

The feature bridge is the gateway entry to south China’s new planned commercial hub and also marks the connection of the Shizimen Canal t...


Niyang River Vista Point

Niyang River

In this part of Tibet the landscape is characterized by a wide valley with a chain of mountains crossed by the Niyang River. The project ...

Karl Johaentges Photographer



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