Approach Architecture Studio

Maogong Barn Art Center

Qiandongnan Region, 2015

The Maogong Barn Art Center is located in the Qiandongnan region of China, and the building is constructed using traditional building mat...

Approach Architecture Studio

Zen Center at Baoguo Temple

Ziyang, 2015

The Baoguo Temple Zen Center is located in a Buddhist temple in Ziyang, Sichuan, which can be traced back to the Sui Dynasty. The origina...

Approach Architecture Studio

Wuyong Useless Space

Beijing, 2014

The design of Wuyong Useless Space aims to echo the brand’s emphasis on natural and traditional qualities. The transformation from an ind...

Approach Architecture Studio

Students’ Lounge at Eurasia University

Shaanxi, 2013

The Eurasia University Lounge project aims to provide a new "living room" for four old student dormitories, which can serve as an informa...

Approach Architecture Studio

Silent Heroes Exhibition Space design

Beijing, 2012

Accompanied by the movie star Zhou Xun's childhood furniture being placed in an old factory building from the 1960s to 1970s in Dashilar,...

Approach Architecture Studio

Xi’an Glorious Plaza

Xi’an, 2014

The commercial area of Xi’an Glorious Plaza is located in the center surrounded by a group of hundred-meter high-rise residential buildin...

Approach Architecture Studio

Yangmeizhuxiejie Street

Beijing, 2012

The Yangmeizhu Xie Street project is the starting area of the Dashilar Urban Revitalization Project. In the transformation of this street...

Approach Architecture Studio

Approach Architecture Studio office at…

Beijing, 2010

The office of Approach Architecture Studio located in Sanjianfang is a renovated building from an abandoned warehouse. The primary purpos...

Approach Architecture Studio


Beijing, 2012

Dashila(b)-oratory is an open platform founded by Beijing Dashilar Investment Ltd. and Approach Architecture Studio. As opposed to the co...

Approach Architecture Studio

ARRTCO Beijing

Beijing, 2012

ARRTCO is located in the underground shopping center of Beijing World Trade Center. The project’s design aims to present an immersive exp...

Approach Architecture Studio

Dashilar Urban Revitalization

Beijing, 2012

Dashilar, located in the center of Beijing, southwest of Tiananmen Square, covers an area of approximately one square kilometer and has a...

Approach Architecture Studio

Showroom at Xi’an Glorious Plaza

Shaanxi, 2012

The Showroom of Xi’an Glorious Plaza is different from a typical real estate sales center. It is designed to promote the cultural values ...

Approach Architecture Studio

The Exhibition Design for Shenzhen Biennale 2009

Guangdong, 2009

The exhibition space design for the 2009 Shenzhen Biennale was a highly challenging task. Located in the underground space and open city ...

Approach Architecture Studio

Chaoyang1919 Film Studio

Beijing, 2010

The Chaoyang 1919 Film Studio is situated on one side of a tree-lined boulevard. To avoid a sense of overpowering scale on the environmen...

UP Architecture | UPA

Badaoheling Village Homestay

Bejing, 2023

The mountain-layering courtyard: Beijing Badaoheling Village Homestay – Badaoheling Village is located in Bohai Town, Huairou District, B...

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

Three High-Rise Buildings in Yancheng

Yancheng, 2021

Three Towers follow the sun – With 120,000 m² GFA, the high-rise buildings are the largest residential project by Baumschlager Eberle Arc...


Seaside Floating Pavilion

Rongcheng, 2021

At the easternmost tip of the Jiaodong Peninsula, an abandoned fishing boat ran aground near an undeveloped natural bay area. The scour m...

Scenic Architecture

Xitang Naera Art Gallery

Xitang Town, Jiashan County, 2021

The Xitang East Area under construction is the eastward expansion of the old town of Xitang, a well preserved ancient canal town in the S...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Treasure Box in the Desert Reception Center of…

Zhongwei, 2021

The project is located in the Tengger Desert of Zhongwei City, Ningxia, China which provides supporting services for a tent camp and also...

Atelier Deshaus

Upper-Cloister in Jinshan Mountain

Chengde, 2022

The Upper-Cloister in Jinshan Mountain is not an ancient temple, but the ancient Great Wall at far is an unprecedented miracle. The estab...

Greater Dog Architects

LI City Study

Liyang City, 2021

LI City Study is located in the Tianmu Lake Resort in Liyang City. As a government sponsored public welfare project, it realizes the conv...


Shenzhen Guangming Scientist Valley

Liantang, China, 2026

Mecanoo and Meng Architects, in collaboration with Lola Landscape, have emerged as the winners of a highly competitive international desi...

beyondtime architects


北京, 2023


ARES Partners

Joffre Arcade Apartment


Joffre Arcade located on Middle Huai Hai road was built in the 1920s by Architect Boris Krivoss. This building complex is a group of flat...

Parallect Design


苏州市工业园区斜塘老街, 2023

项目名称:老街里的咖啡培训工坊 设计方:平介设计 项目设计&完成年份:2023.1 设计团队:李文靖,杨楠,张莹 项目地址:苏州市工业园区斜塘老街 建筑面积:114㎡ 摄影版权:颜社视觉 客户:lim cafe 材料:透明有机玻璃、水磨石砖、黑色石材 项目位于苏...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

MHP Modern Hygiene Platform Interaction Centre

Shanghai, 2022

DUTS design has recently completed the space design of MHP Modern Hygiene Platform Interaction Center in Pudong, Shanghai. In the wake of...

10 Design

Jinwan Huafa International Business Centre

Zhuhai, 2022

International Architecture Practice, 10 Design (part of Egis Group) is pleased to announce the completion of Jinwan Huafa International B...

Parallect Design


苏州, 2023

本项目坐落于苏州太湖边的光福镇,项目周边被各个年代的矮旧村民自建房包围,西南面与太湖只隔一路,视野开阔,交通便利。场地位于苏州城西28公里的太湖之滨。东与藏书镇接壤,西滨太湖,南同胥口镇毗连,北接东渚,距离太湖度假区仅10分钟车程。 原建筑是一户带有院子的砖混结构三层自建...


Belgian Pavillon · Biennale

Shanghai, 2010

Project for Conix Architecs : In may 2010, the new Universal Exposition was held in Shanghai. The theme was "Better City, Better Life" an...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

Yuehai Community Culture and Sports Center

Shenzhen, 2023

After experiencing the rapid and extensive "urbanization" development, Shenzhen is entering the era of refined "metropolitanization" deve...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

China Merchants Group History Museum

Shenzhen, 2023

In the late 1970s, Shenzhen became a Special Economic Zone. China Merchants Group (Hongkong) was commissioned to establish the Shekou Ind...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

Nantou Hybrid Building

Shenzhen, 2022

Nantou, where a hidden millennia-old town and a lively urban village collide and integrate, has been simultaneously written in the grand ...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

OCAT Shenzhen Hall B10

Shenzhen, 2022

Founded in 2005, as a famous avant-garde art institution in China, OCAT has a long-term mission to the practice and research in the field...

Case-Real / Koichi Futatsumata Studio

Issey Miyake SKP

Chengdu, 2022

The concept for this project involves using a simple circular glass wall to highlight the collection line of “ISSEY MIYAKE”. The location...



Beijing, 2022

城市文脉 航星园位于北京二环路的北侧,其南侧和西侧是北京重要的历史文化建筑:雍和宫、北护城河,以及地坛,北侧和东侧是始建于1950年代末期的,接受苏联规划思想下的邻里式社区——和平里街坊。航星园处于首都现代风貌控制区与古都风貌保护区的边界位置。在这里,城市的现代与传统风貌交...


Timeless Beacon

Taiping Xu, Nanhai, 2023

Timeless Beacon- Ma Yansong's new work brings a sense of rebirth to an abandoned market Ma Yansong was invited by Guangdong Nanhai Art F...

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