Xiang Jing & Qu Guangci Sculpture Studio

Beijing, 2013

The mountain shape building gradually setback towards northwest, in case of that, the pressure from huge building volume has been reduced...

Studio and Family House


This building base features: an area of nearly 200 acres, 50 meters long from east to west, 25 meters long from south to north. The base ...

Art Center of Huangmei Opera

Anqing, 2005

Project Name: Art Center of Huangmei Opera Location: Anqing, Anhui Building Area: 5.90...

“9 Peninsulas” master plan

Nanning, 2005

Project Name: "9 Peninsulas" master plan Location: Nanning, Guangxi Site Area:

Oceanpic Digital Graphic Office

Beijing, 2004

Project Name: Oceanpic Digital Graphic Office Location: Beijing Structure: Lightweight...

Studio House I


Project Name: Studio House I Location: Tongxian, Beijing Structure: Reinforced Concret...

Fuchun Garden Hotel


Project Name: Fuchun Garden Hotel Location: Nanning, Guangxi Building Area: 26.000 sq....