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Changbaishan Ski Jump Anlage

Wangtiane, Changbaishan
total GFA 88,000 sqm

After two decades of infrastructural and urban development, China is now experiencing a fast build-up of tourism activities.

Brief: Ski Jump facilities with integrated Hotel and panorama restaurants, as part of a large scale tourism development

In order to allow for the intense development to grow faster the Chinese government declared several regions as “tourism formation zones”. Among these is the area around the spectacular Changbai volcano in the province Jilin, right at the border of North Korea. The region is formed by the vast dimensions of its forests, reaching until Siberia.

Since there is permafrost between November and April, the area will be transformed into a “tourism mekka” of winter sports. In the context of this recent development, GRAFT was asked to design and plan the “Changbai Mountain Slopes”. The entire project extends to six million m² at three different locations.

In the valley of “Manjiang” GRAFT planed an amusement park, a show theatre, an exhibition space, thermae spaces with natural hot fountains, a village with many boutiques, restaurants and cafés as well as 3000 guestrooms in hotels and mansions. “Hengsahn” is an area of rolling hills where a bigger village and numerous resort hotels focusing primarily on “preventive medicine” and “cultural lifestyle” are planned.

A skiing region, that is going to be the biggest in Asia, is planned in “Wangtiane”.
The details of the regional planning follow the basic concept of focusing on individual architectural characters that complete each other: A new constructed train line will allow a very fast connection between the different business and entertainments locations.

The ski jumps will be the future emblem of Wangtiane. In total three ski jumps will be build, two in olympic dimensions and the third as flying hill for extreme long jumps. The ski jump complex will also be characterized by its multi-functionality: it will incorporate restaurants and VIP lounges, as well as hotels.

The infrastructural prearrangements for the entire project will start in 2012. The project completion will take place in multiple phases between 2013 and 2018.

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