Design Philosophy
Architecture is as much a social activity restricted by spatial and temporal specificities, as an important component of social texture. Formed of many layers of social development, such textures become tradition and at the same time have their conspicuous regional and temporal characteristics. The architecture that I understand is the embedding, through the discovering, adjusting and restoring of the existing relationship and texture, of a distinctive layer of this epoch of ours, in cities and landscapes, between the past and the future. To embed also means to enrich, continue and develop our tradition, and further to explore the world that we seem already to have known.
We appreciate the approach embodied in regional architecture of searching for appropriate solutions by following local conditions, whereby the human intimacy with and sensibility towards Nature are manifested; we exhaust all the possibilities provided by modern technology; and we utilize the local traditional crafts, techniques and materials. Through all these in the process of design, we pay attention to the essential quality of architecture and endeavour to create places endowed with the spirit of our time and the authenticity of our culture.
Architecture has its own surroundings and root. It was born in the local site at the local time. Being firmly embedded, in+of architecture is therefore a kind of architecture, growing from its particular region and specific time. It should be confidently and yet harmoniously embedded in the locale of its growth, in a given place and given time, becomes a part of them.

Professional Affiliations
Editor in Chief, World Architecture Magazine Publications

Professor of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Council Member, Architecture Society of China.

Member, Consultative Committee of City Planning of Hangzhou City

Member, Consultative Committee of Expo 2010 Shanghai


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