TPAC - Taipei Pefroming Arts Center

Rob Mothershed [Architects]
100万 - 1亿

The new performing art center attempted to create a rich gathering of massive program areas. There are three theatres that share an interior -exterior foyer, stairs, and entry. The design casts a hierarchy of allied forms and public exchange. The project became a way of material coding a constrained legitimisation of abstracted forms. The circulation weaves an urban shield around the site. The visitor who travels into the new event center shall engage in a reversed poem where the ephemeral fleeting of natural development is historically exploited through a playful tectonic coding. This statement means that once long ago a river was buried, in that river, was motion, in that motion was life and the ability to transport gravity, physical energy, and release. The attempt to create a bi-nary architecture was to gear into the form a handless gesture of the traditional Chinese actor. The power of composite assemblages and facetted spaces allowed for a dance rehearsal with the city of light. The building wanted to harmonize and perpetuate a strong hold of delicate and sensitive outreach. The observation tower was to be a spectacle folly that oriented people toward the front courtyard. The consecutive rolling and branching of sectional plates added to the surrounding Taipei night district created a magical distribution of sheathing a classical space in a contemporary uniform. This project advanced the studio’s capacity to do international submission work. There was constant refining of making the un natural forces of life more apparent and visible.


  • Perrondach Bahnhof Filisur
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Gemeindebetriebe Bonaduz/Rhäzüns, Forst- und Werkhof Crest Ault
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Halle 7, Olma Messen St. Gallen
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Dialogue Center “Przełomy”
    KWK Promes architect
  • Hotel in Czorsztyn
    KWK Promes architect


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