V Spot

Shanghai, 2017

NO BOUNDARY People who start to pick out goods when they enter a sex toy shop space, normally they are embarrassed and too shy to tell. ...


Brloote Flagship

Shaoxing, 2018

A BLACK SQUARE ON WHITE “Squares remove their materiality and merge into infinity. All that remains is the indistinct trace of its appe...


Leding Bespoke

Shaoxing, 2019

THE TRACE “Traces are invisible. They perceive the flow of time through objects.” - Greater Dog The designer, Jin Xin and Red Hu who fo...


Progenius Park

Ningbo, 2021

Progenius Park is different from a buyer's shop in that it is a “Styling” retail that combine bricks and clicks. It provides consumers wi...


Beijing EasyHome Mobao Smart Audio-Visual Store

Beijing, 2021

Treasure Hunt in a Sound Wonderland Designed by AYZ STUDI O Imagine a piece of music that attract your attention and mak...

Parallect Design


Guangzhou, 2021

The project was invited by the Super life Trend joint exhibition of Guangzhou Design Week, and cooperated with the new designers in the d...

Various Associates

SND Chongqing WFC

Chongqing, 2021

01 | The spatial aesthetics of the same brand is expressed in a differentiated way. Various Associates designed another new concept stor...




“Microcosm”:A shop design for Joyce, an established Hong Kong boutique with a 40-year history. The site, a corner plot located within The...

Various Associates

SND Sanya

Sanya, 2021

SND Sanya designed by Various Associates creates a spatial experience of moving in waves. Sunshine, sea waves, light Sanya on Hainan Is...

Various Associates

(SO)What Chengdu

Chengdu, 2021

Free Soul on the Stage Prelude Don't know Don't care I choose what I like So what? Taking "Don't know, Don't care" as the core brand val...

Studio 10


深圳, 2019

Studio 10近期为原创极简主义女装品牌幾樣设计完成的海岸城概念店室内设计试图探讨建筑材料中光的透射、折射、反射与织物的互动关系。 在这个120平米的空间中,通过反射、半透明及透明材料的叠加和运用,搭配Kvadrat RafSimons系列灰绿色绒布垂帘及柔和细腻的人...


Common Reader Bookstore

Zhejjang, 2020

The owner of the bookstore and the designer reached a common understanding that the bookstore should not only be a storage room for books...

Hong Designworks

ECCO Global flagship Store

Shanghai, 2021

Ecco flagship store locates on Huaihai Rd —— the interaction of eastern and western culture by many international brands. Ecco, a Danish ...


kapok K11 Musea

Hong Kong, 2019

This is the second store COLLECTIVE designs for Kapok. The spatial quality of the given site inside the shopping mall is a challenge – ...


kapok Sun Street

Hong Kong, 2019

kapok is the quintessential lifestyle / fashion index in Hong Kong - it is globally oriented in its offerings, with an ever-changing sele...

hcreates interior design

Mini Cuppa

Shanghai, 2021

hcreates recently opened a new café for Mini Cuppa in the Sky Soho development in Hongqiao, Shanghai. The client wanted a fun and cosy s...

10 Design

Lifting of Sky Deck Ceremony Held


The latest stage of construction at 10 Design’s Huabang International Centre has been marked with a special ceremony to celebrate the lif...

Atelier Right Hub

Mirror Cube Hair Salon

Hangzhou, 2020

With consumption upgrade in China driving iteration of commercial scenes, Atelier right hub, a Chinese design studio which excels at reor...

Montalba Architects, Inc.

Gabriele Colangelo

Beijing and Shanghai, 2020

Located in Beijing and Shanghai, the first flagship stores for Italian designer Gabriele Colangelo offer an art gallery inspired experien...


Peak Tea

Shenzhen, 2019

Opportunity and Imagination The project is located at Haiya Mage Mall in Bao’an, Shenzhen. As such a drawer concept retail is built withi...

Various Associates

J1M5 Boutique

Qingdao, 2020

CHANGABLE SPACE J1M5 is a boutique brand, with a mission of discovering, sharing cutting-edge fashion trends and permeating tourism, art...



Shenzhen, 2019

"Architecture means to transferring a site to a place of distinct character and meaning. Design is to create places. In other words, a pl...

hcreates interior design

Luneurs le garde-manger

Shanghai, 2020

Luneurs have rapidly expanded their loyal customer base since their first baked treats delighted customers at their experimental bakery l...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Prince Plaza

Shenzhen, 2020

Shekou is defined by a mixed landscape. Mountains and sea, an industrial fabric from the early economic reform era, and recent skyscraper...

10 Design


武汉, 2020


hcreates interior design

Gelato Dal Cuore

Shanghai, 2018

Gelato Dal Cuore is the latest addition to Jing'An eateries resurgence. When it comes to Gelato these guys really know what they are doin...

hcreates interior design

有盐 Ningbo Bakery

Ningbo, 2020

Take a walk through our lastest bakery design for 有盐 (have salt). The interior uses simple material and colour to create a modern, clean-...


Qkids English Center

Xiamen, 2020

Qkids, a hugely successful online education platform, known for its high-quality online English courses to so far to more than 800,000 st...


A Small Shop

Beijing, 2020

Low-cost renovation of abandoned civil air defense space in Beijing By the street of a community in Chaoyang district, Beijing, a small ...

10 Design


Shenzhen, 2022

10 DESIGN 设计的深圳华润置地笋岗中心建设火热进行中 华润置地全新城市综合发展项目 —— 华润置地笋岗中心目前正在建设中,预计 2022 年第三季度完工。项目位于深圳市罗湖区有 “中华第一仓” 之称的笋岗片区,将会是汇聚人流的食尚焦点,提供 “同一屋檐下” 的...

CM Design



项目位于河源市客家儿童公园内,作为儿童公园有机的一部分,建筑为园区游客提供茶饮轻食的同时也满足游客休憩、交流、观景等活动。建筑旨在创造一个活跃且具有鲜明个性的服务型公共空间,同时能与周边环境有更多的对话。 基地是一块具有高差的平台,南面、西面、北面紧邻游乐设施,东面为开阔的...

CM Design


Shenzhen, 2017


dongqi Architects

AL's Place

上海, 2018

由栋栖设计的Al’s Place位于上海K11的4层,为开放式餐饮空间。 6mm厚的扁钢结构组成从了开敞快速到私密舒适的不同类型空间,同时站立高度的视线保持非常通透。扁钢间通过斜拉钢索形成完整的以小见大的微结构体系,营造出非常轻盈的空间效果。在统一体系下的钢结构高低错落,...

dongqi Architects


上海, 2018

由栋栖设计的白鸟咖啡,藏于上海南京西路侧巷内闹中取静处。 室内材料分别是钢板黑色表面处理,水洗石墙面和实木多层板。正对入口方向的墙面均为实木多层板,多层板斜向45°侧面朝外,并交错前后地排列相拼而成墙面。吧台后侧的多层板墙面,多层板切割出了挂钩形状,挂钩可菜单牌,亦可...

dongqi Architects


上海, 2016


dongqi Architects


杭州, 2018

由栋栖设计的IMV 智能品牌买手店位于杭州来福士广场1层。项目通过空间和光环境的巧妙处理,为品牌店创造出符合电子产品气质的视觉体验和良好的陈列展示效果。 店内空间主要被划分为电子互动产品体验区和品牌陈列区,场地外侧靠近商场人流动线处布置可互动产品展示和演示功能,增加店...

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